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Creating a Strategic Business Plan Before You Invest In Professional Car Detailing Equipment

Before you jump in to buy or replace professional car detailing equipment for your car wash business, take a minute to step back and take a look at your business plan. Writing a business plan can sound daunting, and you may even believe that you would need a business degree or something else to write one. The good news is that anybody who is willing to put in the time can do a SWOT analysis to really nail down the strengths and weaknesses of a business as well as many other things you need to know.

The biggest question for the new business owner in any business is, can I afford to quit my day job? If you are being cautious, I would say wait anything out and see how it goes, but a SWOT analysis will hit the key points.

SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats of A Professional Car Detailing Equipment Business

SWOT is a key collection of the things you need to know about the business before getting into (more) professional car detailing equipment. What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? How substantial are they? Do you have a giant chain car wash in your area that is going to take all the business?

Do you live in a small town that is very particular about who they wash their cars with, or who only goes to the fundraising car washes that the schools throw? Those are some serious problems you could easily run into.

On the other hand, if you live in an especially dry or wet area, don’t let that deter you. Despite what may first come to mind, especially with a wet area, the extra rain, snow, etc, is actually an opportunity when opening a car wash business. The same goes for an area with a lot of kids. People with kids are more likely to have junk all over, and yes, they are more likely to need your services.

The big thing that you need to do is create a need within your community or fill a need that is already there. You need people to believe that they should choose you over others. So considering SWOT:


If you are looking to buy professional car detailing equipment for your business, you would want to look at the strengths that will stand behind you. Strengths are the things that will hold up your business AND give you an extra edge over the competition.

A mobile car was for example could come to customers, giving them an extra edge in convenience. On the other hand, if you offer certain types of professional equipment others don’t for some kind of extra clean carpet wash or something of that nature, you would have that edge to advertise.


Weaknesses refer to the shortcomings you can’t afford to ignore. Maybe you don’t have employees yet. How long will it take to staff and train those employees? If you have hundreds of customers line up for your “grand opening”, and it’s just you and some family members, you have a potentially serious problem.

Likewise, if you live in an area where car washes are not considered important or there are certain politics that would work against you in attracting business, you also have a similar problem.


Your opportunities offer you ways to improve your outlook on the business. How can you garner more business from the same basic outlets? For a restaurant, it might be starting to offer delivery options. For you, it may be looking at mobile car wash equipment for sale online. You simply have to consider whether or not that kind of opportunity would actually be good for your business, and whether or not it would balance out.


These are the threats you might face when trying to open a car wash and carve out your part of the market. If you are in an entirely new service area, especially one with an established presence of another car wash, you may have something else to think about. You shouldn’t be opening a business without being fully aware of what these types of threats are and how substantial they are to you.

Don’t Be Too Proud to Run a SWOT Analysis Before Buying Professional Car Detailing Equipment

It’s an all too common trap that many car wash professionals (and other business owners) fall into when thinking about a SWOT analysis and buying mobile car wash equipment for sale online for example to expand their business. They think well I already know about my business. Why would I need to waste more time on this stuff?

A SWOT analysis may bring out more than you might expect, and you may be surprised about all that comes to light. There is always something to learn, and worse case scenario, you end up on the same page and you double checked. Best case, you expose something in SWOT you didn’t think about before, and now, you can make the adjustments to your plan to delay or fix it before you get going. Don’t let your pride get in the way. Even the most experienced business professionals have been known to use this method to analyze their numbers (before they say that they just have that “business sense” of course).

If you aren’t a Fortune 500 mogul, your bank will also want to know the details. They will want to know what kind of risk they are actually getting into before loaning you any money to help cover costs.

How Much Time Do You Need To Take To Build A SWOT Plan Before Buying Mobile Car Wash Equipment For Sale Online

Let’s say that you’re not starting a new business. You have decided to expand your business model and look for mobile car wash equipment for sale online. That’s not a bad plan in today’s market, but you want to run a SWOT analysis just to make sure.

You will need to do a lot of research into market trends, competitors in similar markets, and of course the cost you will ultimately incur. There are plenty of free templates online if you don’t know where to start, and of course, you can find similar cities to your own online with similar businesses that have already been launched or expanded.

The idea is always to expand your business and get it moving in the right direction. If you run a SWOT analysis before buying new professional car detailing equipment, it will just give you more information on what to expect and how to move forward.

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