Wuthering Heights

Chapter 20


Within chapter 20, Linton is sent to live with his father, Heathcliff, at Wuthering Heights. On the way to the Heights Linton expresses his curiosity for his father, Wuthering Heights, and its occupants. Once Linton arrives at Wuthering Heights he is brutally observed by Heathcliff and Joseph. He is viewed as fragile and weak as he sobs at Nelly's departure.


1. Why did Heathcliff not visit Linton as a child?

2. Is the younger generation as racist as the older generation?

3. Why is Linton weeping when he meets Heathcliff?

4. Does Heathcliff care for Linton?

5. Do you feel sorry for Linton? Give examples from the chapter.


"Haven't they reared it on snails and sour milk, Nelly? Oh, damn my soul! but that's worse than expected, and the devil knows I was not sanguine!"

Page 213 (6th paragraph)