Mittye P. Locke

October 17 - 21, 2016

Monday (10/17/16): Teacher Planning Day

No School for Students

Tuesday (10/18/16):

8:30- Mornings of Moms (Cafeteria)

AM- K Data Day (Conference Room)

PM- Gifted Data Day (Conference Room)

Wednesday (10/19/16):

AM- Gr. 1 Data Day (Conference Room)

PM- Gr. 3 Data Day (Conference Room)

2:00-Q-1 Caught Ya Celebration Gr. 2 (Cafe)

2:30-Q-1 Caught Ya Celebration Gr. K and 1 (Cafe)

4:10- School Advisory Council (Media)

Thursday (10/20/16): wear orange

8:40- PBIS (Caldwell's Rm.)

AM- Gr. 5 Data Day (Conference Room)

PM- Gr. 4 Data Day (Conference Room)

Q-1 Cafeteria Celebration- Cookie Party (Cookies will be delivered to classrooms)

Friday (10/21/16):

10:00- Intervention Team (Caldwell's rm.)

10:15- Fire Drill

12:00- Good Lunch Eaters

AM- Gr. 2 Data Day (Conference Room)

Core Action Awesomeness

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