The HOWLidays Are Here!

Warmest Wishes This Holiday Season!

Thank your for letting us pamper your pets!

Every pet coming in during the month of December will have their picture taken with either our Christmas setting backdrop or in front of our Christmas tree. We will share these photos on our Facebook page where you are free to download the picture to share with friends and family! Each pet will also receive an ornament made by us, we hope that you have a wondrous holiday season!

Book Now For Your Pick Of Appointment Days And Times!

This time of year can be so hectic, why wait for the last minute to schedule your appointment? Remember that if you are relaxed and stress-free when you bring your pet in, s/he has a better chance of being relaxed as well. By scheduling now you have the greatest chance to pick and choose the date and time that works best for you, which means a more pleasurable stop and not a rushed errand of many that needs to be crammed into your day!