Literary Devices Found in Two Kinds

Ah'ron Reams August 24, 2012


This story takes place in Chinatown, San Francisco.
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Jing-mei and her mother are the two main characters. The mother is a immagrant from China and beleives that America is the land of opportunities for her daughter to be anything she wants to be. Another characters is Mr.Chong, a old Chinese man who is deaf in the ear, and another one is Jing-Mei cousin Waverly and is a chess player.


The expositions of this story is Jing-Mei mother wants her to be the asian Shirly Temple and be a prodigy. But Jing-Mei havent been willing to do what she wants so her mother trys harder to make her daughter perfect. Soon the mother puts Jing-Mei in paino lessons but the problem is that her paino teacher is death. So durning Jing-Mei paino lessons she figures out that she can get away with silly and carless mistakes. Whille her mother is busy bragging about how good her daughter is on the paino. So the rising action is when the mother makes a bets with Waverly mother about whos the best young prodigy at the church talent show. Exposition took place at the talent show when Jing-Mei let her mother down by playing that song so badly. The falling Action happened after the talent show when Jing-Mei mom didnt talk about her talents again untill one day she made Jing-Mei play the paino and Jing-Mei said, "i wish i was dead like your other kids!" Her mother never talked about that again. The resolution happened when Jing-Mei mom tried to give the paino to her daughter and Jing-Mei relized that she was trying to get her to do her best the entire time.
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Internal Conflict

The internal conflict of Jing-Mei is that she doesnt want to do anything or work hard for her self and thats all her mother ius trying to get her to do. Yes, her mother went a little over board wit it but she just wanted the best for her daughter.

External Conflict

The external conflict is that Jing-Meiembarassed herself and her mom at the talent show. She also dindt have the respect for her self enough to do or try her best at anything she did. Her mom went on bragging that her daughter is the best and doesnt know the true story behing Jing-Mei


The theme is Jing-Mei learning