WHS Career & College Pathways

Resources and Support for the Class of 2022

First Steps

1. Identify career/major interests. Create/update your resume.

2. Research colleges & programs.

3. Add colleges to your list. Learn about letters of recommendation.

4. Start college applications and personal statements. (Coming in June!)


Level 2: College Research Tools

Virtual College Tours

Level 3: Add Colleges to Your List (Naviance: Colleges I'm Thinking About)

An Introduction: Letters of Recommendation

Upcoming Events

News & Useful Articles

"We Get It!": College Admissions Deans Speak Out

Brennan Barnard, Director of College Counseling and Outreach at The Derryfield School, asked college admissions officers from around the country to share their advice about the college application process.

Part I: Spring Grades/SAT/AP

Part II: Extracurricular Activities, Summer, Character

Part III: Financial Circumstances, Essays, Recommendations

Community College: Register for Concurrent/Dual Enrollment

You can take a community class that can help you satisfy the minimum enrollment as a senior. Many community college courses will earn you credit to the UC/CSU systems (check Assist.org to confirm).

If you need more assistance with the application process, feel free to reach out to us.