Abby's 6th Grade Clarinet Solo

4th Quarter Project

Biography of Composer

Edmund J. Siennicki was born in 1920 and was raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He earned his Bachelor’s degree at Kent State University, where he wrote Fight on for KSU, which is still played at their football games. He played the bassoon and the piano professionally. He studied composition with Herbert Elwell, and electronic music with Sergio Barroso. He’s composed over 200 music pieces. He is still living today.

6th Grade Clarinet Solos

Thursday, April 28th, 2-4pm

The Drama Room

Come hear the clarinet sectionals class 7A as they perfrom a variety of solo pieces with a piano accompaniment.

About the Piece

The song played is Rooster, by Edmund J. Siennicki. It has many low notes, mostly quarter notes with a few half notes and eighth notes. I enjoy the unique sound the song has to offer. It has an interesting rhythm, and also an interesting tune.

About the Performer

My name is Abby Bergstrom and I am 12 years old. I live in Fargo, North Dakota with my mom and my sister. I have a total of 5 siblings. My family includes my Mom, Dad,

Step-mom, my two step-brothers who are both in high school, my step-sister, Xaria, who is 12 like me, my sister Audrey, who is 8, and my half sister Charlotte who is almost 3 months old. In my free time I enjoy reading, writing, and doing gymnastics.


Mezzo Forte- Play medium-loud

Forte- Play loud (but still nice)

Piano- Play quietly

Crescendo- gradual increase in loudness

Decrescendo- gradual decrease in loudness

Slur- A curved line that connects two notes of different pitches that symbols to play without tonguing

Fermata- a mark over a note that means continue playing the note until director signals to stop

Moderato Giocoso- play song moderately fast


While preparing for performing this piece I learned about transitioning into low notes. It was difficult at first to go from some higher notes to lower notes. Now I am much better from practicing. I also learned how to play along with an accompaniment like a piano. You have to pay attention to the notes you have to play and not get confused with the piano, as they are most likely playing different notes. I even learned the definitions of some musical terms like the term Moderato Giocoso, which means play moderately fast.