Government owns Businesses, Private Ownership of Property

Why Socialism is the Best Philosphy

Socialism allows the government to own all businesses. Production, distribution, and exchange is all regulated and maintained by the government. This is good for communities because it doesn't allow people to become too rich or too poor. In socialism people can have private ownership of their own property, and the government can not interfere with it.

Who Created Socialism? Why did it become Popular?

Robert Owen created the philosophy of socialism. Socialism became popular because it allowed the government to centralize all of the economic decisions so everyone would be in an agreement on what was going on. Socialism also became popular because the government had the ability to have collective ownership over all of the businesses and they could manage them a lot easier.

Advantages over Other Philosophies

Socialism works better than the other two philosophies because the government owns all the businesses. So this means that the production, distribution, and exchange is a lot easier to manage and maintain. Another advantage is that it allows the government to maintain a stable environment by creating equality between all of the people.

Socialism Today

Socialism can be found today in countries such as Denmark, Finland, Belgium, and many other countries. The philosophy of socialism is still working in these countries today because they believe that individuals should be treated equally. In since these countries believe that equality is the most important value in their government, they have a higher standard of living and can strive to reach a goal as a whole entire group.