Learning Styles

By, Mac Stephens


Definition - related to words and language.

Likes to read books, Listens to and gives oral presentations, Communicates through written and oral messages, Likes discussions and debates, Likes to explain things.

Learns best by saying, hearing, and seeing words.


Definition can do math and algebraic problems

Likes to do puzzles and any kind of math and is good once they learn


Definition - Physical activity and movement and awareness through sensory perception, hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling.

Likes to move around, touch, talk, and use body language, Good at sports, dancing, gymnastics, and crafts.

Learns best by touching, moving, interacting with space and processing knowledge through bodily sensations.


Definition - Mental images, seeing, sight.

Likes to draw, build, design, and create, Daydreamer and imaginative, Watches movies and plays computer games, Good at sensing changes, Good at puzzles and mazes and reading charts and graphs.

Learns best by visualizing, dreaming, and using colors and pictures.


Definition - Sound arranged in patterns, tone, and pitch through music, poetry, color, painting, and photography.

Likes to sing, hum tunes, painting, and photography, Good at picking up sounds, remembering melodies, noticing pitch, rhythm,and patterns, Good at keeping time.

Learns best by rhythm, melody, and music.


Definition - Related with relationships with other people.

Has a lot of friends, likes to talk and join groups, Good at understanding people, Good at communicating, Good at mediation.

Learns best y sharing with others, Collaborative groups, and teaching others.


Definition - Within self.

Likes to work alone, Reflective and self-aware, Instinctual, Original.

Learns best by working alone, Individualized projects, and self-paced instruction.


Definition - Relate to nature and the environment.

Likes to work outside, Enjoys geography, weather, learning, about the environment, Good at categorizing, organizing, planning, Interested in preservation and conservation, Likes ro work with animals.

Learns best by studying natures patterns, such as erosion and climate, learning how things work, and cause and effect relationships.