Ecoregion comparison!!

Texas Lakes & Prairies VS. YellowStone National Park

Yelowstone National Park!

Location: Wyoming, Idaho, Montana

A city near by: Sheridan

Annual high temperature: 46.3 F

Annual low temperature: 20.1 F

Average temperature: 33.2 F

Average precipitation: 15.4 inches

Bodies of water near by:

Yellowstone Lake

Shoshone Lake

Little Firehole River

Mountains: Absaroka Range, Gallatin Range, Eagle Peek, Mount Washburn

Producer: Engelmann Spruce, Cotton Wood Tree

Consumer: Grizzly Bears, Coyote

Sustainability: I infer that Yellowstone is very stable and sustained. There is many producers and consumers throughout the park, therefore if a species becomes extinct then there will be many more organisms to take its place. There is a lot of biodiversity present in this ecoregion.

Human influences:

Air pollution (cars pollute)

Littering (trash thrown everywhere)

Buffaloes are becoming deaf because humans are honking at them when they get in the way of the road

Animals can get vet care when sick or injured

Tourists are allowed to visit and learn about the species that live there

The biome is Taiga!

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Lakes and Prairies of Texas!

Major cities close by: Dallas and Forth Worth

Location: North Texas

Abiotic Pattern: Hot summers cold winters, semi-arid

Regional average rainfall: 30 in./year

Average temperatures yearly:

High: 77 F Low: 57 F

Major rivers: Trinity, Red, Brazos

Major rivers are: Trinity, Red, Brazos

This ecoregion is very sustainable because there is many different organisms to fulfill an organisms place that became scarce or extinct. If deer were taken out of the ecoregion then the snake would still have plenty of food to consume. ( rabbits, turtles)

Human influences are:

Pollution from cars

Many cities and houses built

Animals are being hunted

The biome is Temperate Grassland!

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