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Students have been exploring many new topics the past few weeks.  In math we have started solving equations algebriacilly.  Students have really enjoyed solving and writing equations in math.  In reading we read a non-fiction book on the Mangrove Forest.  I have attached the links to view the digital posters that students created.  In science we just finished up with the egg drop.  We have started exploring rocks.  We also planted lettuce that we plan on eating towards the end of the year.  Students are hard at work on their state projects in social studies.  As the end of the school year approaches our class schedule gets a little crazy.  I plan on sending a digital newsletter home every week to keep you informed.  I know that you do not always get them if they come home on paper. 

Posters Gone Digital

Check out the digital posters that students created using!

Students recently created a digital poster using  Students really enjoyed the opportunity to show their creativity using technology. 
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