All About Hollywood

Amazing Hollywood

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What would a vacation be like in Hollywood?

HollyWood has lots of things like nice hotels and pools,and when you decide to take to take a break and eat some food then go to their famous restaurant called the Brown Derby Restaurant.Another thing is well my favorite they let you go to tour buses and you get to drive past people’s famous house and get to drive past the HollyWood sign,and some people go there to see famous people perform.They also have some thing that is called Graumann's Chinese Theater very cool.

Who lives in HollyWood

A lot of people think that HollyWood is for famous people or acting but I disagree, Hollywood has people just like us. They live in very nice houses they also can if you want have an acting school and you can have fame now.They have a lot of people that live in Hollywood. Also in 1992 they made a lot of movies that got a lot of hits.Famous people live in Hollywood, every day they film. Hollywood is famous for movies and filming. Humphrey Bogart made a movie called Casablanca he past away in 1957.He worked in Hollywood he was in some movies. Joan Crawford had a lot of movies one was called Whatever Happened To Baby Jane.

How was Hollywood created?

By 1989 major picture companies had set up near in Los Angeles. Then a man came and said, "I want to make a place that has fame right on the cover." So he talked and he talked to another town. That mayor in the town and the mayor decided that this was something big and he liked it. So in 1912 they made the place. The next question was what were they going to name this place. Then the mayor said how about we should name it after my daughter's name Holly she is getting to be famous and its a good name. So they named it but the other mayor in another town said it needed some thing. Than 1922 there was a lot of trees than the mayor said how about HollyWood than they had another meeting about the name. The mayor shared that it should be named HollyWood a lot of people did not agree that night the mayor sent it to all the mayors than they all said no no no no but he would not give up. He did it again and again and than on October 12 the mayor said yes that night that had a meeting and the other mayors still said no about what a crazy idea, but than the mayor that said yes he explained that Europe had a lot of of bad and good movies there but not good enough and we should change that. So in world war II they had a war. Hollywood one the war. Than they had another meeting. They said the mayor that said yes was on to something. Than in 1944 they named the fame place Hollywood and that is how Hollywood created.

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Where is Hollywood Located?

Hollywood is a very nice city. Hollywood is located in California. It also has a art museum that has artist come there. Hollywood is very hot it and is usually 50 degrees there. Wow hot. Hollywood is very peaceful there is a lot of kind people. They have have good food in Hollywood.There are famous people there and it is very cool and fun.They have very big pools and has one that has a big stage in the pool. They also have bands and singers.