Family Get Together

"Save the Date!"

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Davis-Osborne Family Gathering

Saturday, July 27th 2013 at 1-7pm

Clanton Road Indoor Arena, Charlotte, NC

Greetings on the behalf of the reunion board & committee.

Although we are getting a late start, we are moving ahead and welcome any positive feedback concerning this event. There will be a meeting in the next week or so to discuss any concerns and give any feedback regarding this years gathering.

The fees of $564.00 to cover renting the facility for 6hrs and regular reunion food would be extracted from all fees collected. The committee felt that $10.00 per person, $25.00 for three or more per house hold and a guest fee of $5.00, is both reasonable and affordable. If each person can pay this fee, it would get us to our goal for the finance part of the event.

Hopefully everyone will be contacted within the next few days to allow us to start collecting the reunion fees. We have received communication that some family members have prior engagements so are unable to attend. Although we want a good turn out, please dont worry too much about this date because we plan to have a grand reunion soon after this family gathering.

If you ARE able to attend, "PLEASE come and bring your friends!" We are EXCITED!

There will be another newsletter, text or email communication that will come shortly after this one. It will explain the gathering itenerary and other specifics in detail.

Please remember to think positive and hopefully we can get this done as smoothly and quickly as possible. Remember to "Save the Date!" July 27th is the last Saturday in that month so mark your calendars and gertready for a great time of food, fun and fellowship!

Everyone be blessed and hope to see you or speak to you within the next few days.

Thank you for your cooperation and upmost patience!

With love and respect,

Davis-Osborne Reunion Committee 2013

*Newsletter prepared by Shawanda Shay Anthony on behalf of Sylvester Davis and Reunion Committee.