Mrs. Barton's Class News

September 19-23


Please remember to sign and return Friday Test folders on Monday. Take time to review the tests that are in the folder with your child.

This week Mrs. Bice worked with the students on annotating a text. The students also learned the value of hard work from the story of Little Bear. Ask your child about the lesson they learned from the story. (See attached pictures)

We will finish up our Science Unit on Force and Motion next week. The students will be presenting their team posters on what they learned about Force and Motion from their science labs. They will also be creating and inventing devices to explore air resistance and gravity. Ask them to explain the force and motion labs to you.

Completed math study guides went home yesterday along with a blank study guide. Please use these to help prepare for the test on Monday. They do not need to be turned in to me.

Our School will be collecting food for Manna Charities each month.


Boys: Peanut butter

Girls: Jelly.

Learning Targets


I can use the plot and main idea of a fable to identify a theme.


I can create a list of tooth words.

I can organize my thoughts in a graphic organizer for a personal narrative.

I can write an introductory paragraph using a graphic organizer.

I can write a body paragraph using a graphic organizer.


I can identify singular and plural nouns in a sentence.


I can investigate force and motion.


I Can find the difference between a 2 and 3-digit numbers and 100.

I Can solve subtraction problems using multiples of 100.

I can solve subtraction problems that involve a missing part.

I can find the difference between two numbers by either adding or subtracting.


Reading- Multiple Meaning words/dictionary skills test on Friday, September 23.

Math- Test on Unit 3.1 will be Monday, September 19. ACT ASPIRE testing (math) this Tuesday in the Computer Lab.

Grammar-Singular and Plural Nouns, Common and Proper Nouns-Friday, September 23.

Science-Test on Force and Motion, Friday, September 23.

Spelling- Unit 5 test.

Important Dates


September 20th-Our class takes the practice ACT ASPIRE math test

September 27-Our class takes the practice ACT ASPIRE science test

Classroom Needs

Small candy treats

Items needed for Science Lab-Small brown paper bags, styrofoam plates, sheets of tissue paper, tape