Special Ed Teacher

Samantha Elliott

What would I do? (duties and responsibilities)

Work with students who have a wide range of learning, mental, emotional, and physical disabilities. Students who have severe disabilities we teach them everyday life skills, basic communication. For higher functioning kids I would modify lesson to ensure they are learning everything that they need to know

Average Hours/Working Schedule

Average hours:

School Hours: generally work school hours when students are present.They might have to meet with parents or have meetings. On the weekends they may spend time preparing lesson plans.

Working Locations

Mostly work within the school setting. Some special ed teachers may go to the students home if they are not well enough to make it to school.

Salary/Wage Potential (What is the average pay?)

$53,220 per year

Education Needed/ What school (list 1) offers that major?

You must get your bachelors degree. Some may minor in special education while others major in special education. You must also learn about the different types of disabilities.All teachers need to be licensed.

School that offers this major: Illinois State University.

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Skills Required (Personality Traits/Transferable Skills)

Communication skills: You may have to collaborate with aids or other teachers. They must discuss the students developmental process with their parents.

Creativity: Think outside of the box to devlop new ways on how to teach different types of learners.

Critical Thinking Skills: Review and analyze data about their students.

Patience: Working with students with disabilities can be difficult.

People Skills:

Job Outlook/Growth

It is supposed to go up by 20% by the year 2020. Demand for special education is still going to be needed.

Advancement Opportunities or Related Jobs (How can you move up in this career?)

You can work in the school environment and move up to maybe be a professor. With a special education degree you can also go back to school to get a degree in ot and work with people with disabilities from the ages of 2- 90! You can also work in hospitals and other places. With this degree it gives you a lot of opportunity's for a lot of things .