Lyn St. James

By Alex Bates

Lyn St. James is known for being women to win the Indianapolis 500
  1. Lyn had her family in her life to encourage her.
  2. Lyn worked out to stay in shape.
  3. She bought a Ford pinto While she was in a car club.
Cars were important to Lyn because her parents met in a car shop.

Racing was also special to Lyn because she won the third time she was in the Indy.

Family was also important to Lyn because they encouraged her.

  • Lyn accidentally hit her dog in a race.
  • She loved to race snowmobiles.
  • She won the rookie of the year award.
  • Lyn was the only child of Willoughby, Ohio.
  • Lyn bought a Ford Pinto to complete the SCCA races.

Lyn St. James Driven to be First By: Ross R. Olney.

The life lesson is to never give up.

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