A Dynamic Downtown

The real deal about downtown Toronto

My Downtown Observations

During our trip to downtown Toronto, we saw many different land uses and culture very different that the ones here in Mississauga. One of my main observations was the diversity. When I visit Toronto with my family, we usually just go to the Eaton center to go shopping or go see performances at the prince of wales theater but on this trip I got to see more local things in downtown Toronto. For example, on our drive to Toronto, we passed by Chinatown and we also walked through Chinatown for a while when we arrived. In class we've discussed how big cities have areas dedicated to other cultures like Chinatown or Little Italy and actually walking through it was a cool experience. Another part of Toronto we walked through was Kensington market which was full of little independent shops that were inside of old homes, which is an interesting land use not seen generally in Mississauga. Also Kensington market obviously wasn't like the main center of downtown Toronto and was a lot quieter and it felt like more of a community with beautiful graffiti and old buildings. It sort of reminded me of streetsville. When we got to the main downtown area it was completely different than Mississauga. It was very crowded with lots of traffic and giant billboard and it even had Ryerson university right around the corner from the Eaton center. It was the complete other end of the urban spectrum compared to Mississauga and sort of resembled a mini times square. Also the residential lots were different. In the city, they have giant 80 story apartment buildings with 1000 or more people but here in the suburbs we have mostly single homes with about 4 people. Walking through downtown Toronto was a cool experience and I'd like to go back with my family and see more of what the urban city has to offer.

What I Learned

What I learned In Toronto

I learned that downtown Toronto isn't all the big city. There are parts that look a lot more homey and suburban like Kensington market which sort of resembles streetsville. Also I learned that the people in Toronto arent all business people or people looking to go shopping. There are street performers, people who work in smaller stores. I also learned about life in the city and how everyone has to walk through traffic or take public transit all the way from their homes in the suburbs.

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