Pawnee County 4-H Express

July/August 2019

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County Fair Reminders: General

Fair Clean-Up Day

The clean-up day is scheduled for Saturday, July 27 starting at 8am. All 4-Hers who will exhibit either an animal or a static project are expected to help clean the fair grounds. 4-Hers who participate will receive a ticket for free admission for one night to the tractor pull. Please plan on wearing your work clothes, bring rakes, mowers, hammers, weed eaters, paint brushes, brooms and scoops.

County Fair Superintendents Meeting

Superintendents will be meeting at the club house on Saturday, July 27. Livestock superintendents at 9am and static area superintendents at 10am.

Camper Spots
Ag society will be drawing for the electric camper spots on the fairgrounds. Please have your name, phone number, and $50 check (will only be deposited if your name is drawn) to the Extension Office no later than Friday, July 19 at 4pm.

Pawnee County Fair Queen

Congratulations to Lauren Moser, our 2019 Pawnee County Fair Queen!

State Fair Reminders: General

Livestock Entry Deadline

All livestock will be entered again online this year. The deadline is August 10th by 8pm, please plan ahead and contact the Office if you have any questions. More information please visit the website

Static Exhibit Deadline

All static exhibits selected to go to the State Fair will not be released from the county fair, but they will be kept until after the state fair is over. If you choose to take your static exhibit home for some reason, you will need to have it back to the Extension Office no later than Friday, August 16. All food and horticulture will need to be into the Extension Office on Tuesday, August 20 no later than 2 pm. State Fair Exhibits will be ready to be picked up at the Extension Office on Thursday, September 5.

The Extension Office will transport reasonably sized items to State Fair in a mid-sized sedan. Large, bulky or oversized items may be your own family's responsibility to transport out to Grand Island on August 21 by Noon and picked up in Grand Island on Sept 3 by Noon.


4-H livestock exhibitors (Beef, Sheep, Swine, Rabbit, Poultry, Meat Goat, Dairy) will receive one (1) State Fair Exhibitor Pin (exhibitor badge). This State Fair Exhibitor Pin (exhibitor badge) is your pass to the fair for all 11 days. Families wishing to purchase additional State Fair Exhibitor Pins (exhibitor badges) may do so at $25.00 each. If the State Fair Exhibitor Pin (exhibitor badge) is lost or stolen, a new State Fair Exhibitor Pin (exhibitor badge) must be purchased for $25.00. No exceptions. It’s also recommended that the purchase of additional State Fair Exhibitor Pins (exhibitor badges) be included in pre-registration through ShoWorks.

  • 4-H static exhibitors may purchase reduced price NSF admission tickets online (and not through the office as in years past), more information on how to purchases them will be available in the next few weeks.
  • 4-Hers who participate in the fashion show, dog show, presentations, events, and contests at the NSF will receive one (1) single-day admission ticket for each day in which they participate.
  • 4-H judges and volunteers will receive one (1) single-day admission ticket for each day of the fair in which they assist with a show.
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County Fair Reminders: Livestock

Livestock Animal Check-In
All animals must be checked on Tuesday, July 30.
  • 5-8pm for Poultry and Rabbits
  • 7-9pm for Beef, Goat, Horse, Sheep, and Swine


Clover Kid Show
The Clover Kid Pet and Fashion Show will be held on Saturday, August 3 at 12:30 pm in the livestock area at the Pawnee County Fairgrounds. Youth are encouraged to model the t-shirt that they make at Clover Kid Camp or another outfit that they have created. They also should consider bringing their favorite pet to the pet show or practicing their showmanship skills. The form is included in this newsletter or can be found on our website (here).

Youth may show an animal they bring from home or one shared with an older sibling already at the fairgrounds. Clover Kids may show goats, rabbits, poultry, sheep, dogs, swine and bucket calves. State 4-H rules prohibit Clover Kids from showing animals more than more than 350 lb and ALL horses/ponies.

The show will start with showmanship, followed by the pet, and ending with the fashion show.

Livestock Premium Sale

Every year the office contacts past and potential individuals and businesses to come to the Livestock 4-H Premium Sale, but it is more meaningful if the request comes from a 4-H'er themselves. A good place to start is reaching out to business which your family does business with throughout the year and asking them to attend. The office has created a sample letter which families could take when visiting with individuals or businesses.

4-H Show Shirts & Arm Bands

Livestock show t-shirts ($8.00) and horse show arm bands ($2.50) are available for purchase at the Extension Office.

The office has some gentle used white button down horse show shirts and livestock show shirts which can be picked up in the Office.

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County Fair Reminders: Static

Static Check-In
All static (non-livestock) projects must be checked-in on Monday, July 29 from 5-7pm.


Entry Tags

Each static project needs to have an entry tag completed before attending check-in. The Extension Office can help identify the best class for projects. It is recommend that youth identify the class their project will fit into BEFORE starting. Items which do not fit into a class will NOT be allowed to be entered. It is not the responsibility of the Extension staff or volunteers to tag your items!

Information Sheets

If you are bringing entries to the static exhibit building during the Pawnee County Fair, please double check that you have all supporting information. Many classes require additional information sheets. ALL HOME ENVIRONMENT EXHIBITS NEED TO HAVE A PROJECT WRITE UP INFORMATION SHEET. Please refer to the fair book for complete rules and for a sample project write up sheet.

Stepping Stones

Reminder, youth (Clover Kid & 4-H'ers) are encouraged to participate in the annual static challenge. This year, youth will create a unique stepping stones which showcase either UNL's 150 year celebration or a In Our Grit, Our Glory theme. Projects should be 8 x 8 inches square. All entries will be judge by the static judge and the public will vote on the stepping stone which will be sent to the State Fair to be displayed at the Nebraska State Fair at the Raising Nebraska landscape.

Static Exhibit Premium Sale

Due to low participation, the 4-H Foundation voted to not have a static exhibit premium sale this year.

Club Booths

Clubs interested in putting up a club booth should contact the Extension Office by July 26. Booths can be set up on Monday, July 29 from 2:30 to 4:30 pm.

Host & Hostess

If your 4-H'er entered a static exhibit, we ask you sign up to volunteer. Our goal is to have at least one person in the barn at all times to interact with visitors about 4-H and to ensure that exhibits are not damaged. Slots may be filled by a single person, older youth, or family group.

Sign up by contacting the office (852-2970).


Food Revue (Contest Rules)

July 15, 6:30 pm Union Bank basement in Pawnee City

Open to Clover Kids & 4-H’ers

Deadline: July 9

Youth will create a menu, prepare one food item, and choose an appropriate theme for their occasion. Registration Form

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Making Good Impressions through Herdsmanship

Livestock exhibitors are expected to keep their pens and exhibit area clean, neat and as attractive as possible. The entire area should be presented in an attractive manner to the spectators and public at all times. Character Counts comes into play here as we learn to respect and be responsible for our animals and our own actions.

The public may only see farm animals once a year and it is up to the exhibitors, not the parents, to make sure that they have a positive experience and realize what 4-H teaches youth. Herdsmanship is a team effort that all exhibitors need to partake in.

Leader Award Nominations

Club members and leaders should begin to think about who they would like to nominate for leader awards this year. Nominations will be submitted by club representatives at the 4-H Foundation meeting on August 12 for Outstanding Junior Leader, Outstanding Leader (5 years and over), Outstanding Leader (Under 5 years), Outstanding Alumni and Friends of 4-H.

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Nebraska Extension - Pawnee County

Extension is a Division of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln cooperating with the Counties and the United States Department of Agriculture. The 4-H Youth Development program abides with the nondiscrimination policies of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the United States Department of Agriculture.