Editorials by the Founding Fathers

by Benjamin Franklin & George Washington (Sean Beslin Blk 3)

Benjamin Franklin on the revolutionary war

A key factor in winning a war is negotiation. War should be the last resort but if you must seek change then it is the way to a new order. Your ability to make allies is important because it can get you support from other countries. Those countries can provide troops, supplies, and even funds to help your cause. It is also good to have allies after the war to build your new society and economy WITHOUT the king!

George Washington on the revolutionary war

I feel that the way to win a war is through superior and humane leadership skills. Being a good leader is more than just marching your men into war; it is boosting their morale and ensuring their safety. Without morale soldiers have no reason to fight which increases the chance of loss or failure of the battle. I am proud to serve with such brave patriots. God bless the new United States of America!