GAAE Conference Speakers 2014

Georgia Association for Alternative Education

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"Developing the Potential in ALL Georgia Students"

When: Thursday-Friday, October 16-17, 2014

Where: Calloway Gardens, 17800 US Hwy 27, Pine Mountain, GA 3182

Hotel: Mountain Creek Inn

Address: 17800 U.S. 27, Pine Mountain, GA 31822


Speakers Presentations in PDF

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Keynote Address

Thursday October 16, 2014

Ms. Sylvia Christine Hooker

Ms. Hooker is a consummate learner demonstrated by completing the GSSA Superintendent’s Professional Development Training, Partnership for Excellence in Education Policy Program, and appointment to Georgia’s Professional Standards Commission. She has been a national speaker and presenter for SACS/CASI, NASSP, NMSA, NATIONAL Youth at Risk and various civic and community groups.
Ms. Sylvia Hooker : Fearless Leadership

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Thursday October 16, 2014 : 10:30 - 11:45

TKES/LKES in the Alternative Setting

Kenya Pitts Elder

Kenya Pitts Elder, a native of Georgia has always been an enthusiast for knowledge and education. Matriculating through the Bremen City School System, Kenya went on to the University of West Georgia and earned her BA (1995), M. Ed (2006) and Ed.S (2008). Certified in Media and Instructional Technology and Educational Leadership, she continues to sharpen her skills to stay on the cutting edge and be relevant as a teacher of teachers. She has been with the Georgia Department of Education since 2011.

An enthusiast for procedures and policies, Kenya is committed to helping educators utilize the tools they are provided with fidelity. It is her desire to prepare leaders to lead their teams and organizations through development, and evaluation in order to change the climate to tone of excellence, order and greatness through protocols that lead to school improvement and improve student growth and academic achievement.

Kenya, her husband and two daughters reside in Douglas County and enjoy traveling, spending time with friends and family, exercising and good food!

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Thursday October 16, 2014 : 1:15 -2:30

CCRPI in the Alternative Setting

Mr. Bobby Smith

Georgia Department of Education

Bobby Smith has served as a high school and middle school principal as well as a Curriculum Director. After retiring from Thomasville City Schools in 2004, he started a new career in the School Improvement Division of the Georgia Department of Education. During the last 10 years, he has served in several roles with the department and has conducted training and provided support for school and district leaders throughout the state. He currently serves on the state’s new District Effectiveness Team that completed a major overhaul on Georgia's School Keys last year and is also working on the District Keys and a new review process that will help guide the work of effective school districts.

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Thursday October 16, 2014 : 2:45 - 4:00

School culture and climate in nontraditional education settings

Reggie Beaty

Reggie was a “difficult to reach youth”(DTR) growing up in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Beaty found out early on the critical role that mentors play in a youth’s life. He was expelled from school at 14, ran with gang-oriented crowds, carried weapons and was even incarcerated.

Beaty found a mentor in Bobby Garrett who was the director of West End Academy, a non-traditional school in the Communities In Schools of Georgia system. As a result of Garrett’s efforts, Beaty graduated from West End Academy, earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Stillman College and a Master’s in Aerospace Education from Middle Tennessee State University.

Next, Beaty built a stellar 20-year career in the United States Army, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Along the way Beaty earned the Leo A. Codd national “Instructor of the Year” for all colleges and universities, presented by President George W Bush, and “Civic Man of the Year” for his work with youth in Oklahoma. For 10 years Beaty served as Chief Operating Officer with Communities In Schools of Georgia, where he helped to build the non-traditional schools Performance Learning Centers and Georgia’s “Graduation Coaches” initiative. Currently, Reggie serves as the Vice-President of Paine College in Augusta, Georgia.

Tony Owens

Tony has devoted over 18 years of his life to working with difficult-to-reach youth. He is a proven educator and administrator, having successfully directed alternative schools and social programs that address students in at-risk situations. Owens earned his Bachelor’s degree from Clark Atlanta University.

He is recognized for his development and implementation of programs for difficult-to-reach youth, which emphasize improving attitudes, self-esteem, setting goals, expanding comfort zones, and preparing for re-entry into mainstream settings. Owens spent a bulk of his career directing, coordinating, and running programs and schools with Communities In Schools of Atlanta and Georgia. Currently, Tony serves as the Dean of Student Affairs at Paine College in Augusta, Georgia

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Linda Marie Massenburg

Program Specialist for Alternative Education and Magnet Schools with the Georgia Department of Education

Linda Marie Massenburg is the Program Specialist for Alternative Education and Magnet Schools with the Georgia Department of Education. During her education career, Ms. Massenburg was the principal of state schools for students who were deaf or hard of hearing in Virginia and Georgia. It was during this time that she worked on closing the achievement gap between students with disabilities and their non-disabled peers. This was implemented by creating and demanding high expectations from teachers, students, staff, parents, and making quality instruction a priority. Ms. Massenburg was the first administrator to have students who were deaf/hard of hearing enrolled in Georgia’s Virtual School where these students performed alongside their non-disabled peers. As a result of her demand of high expectations and making quality instruction a high priority, she was able to increase the number of students participating in the state assessments. This led to an increase in the number of students graduating with a regular diploma and participating in post-secondary options that included colleges and universities.

In addition to her dedication to ensuring that all students should partake in a quality education that closes achievement and opportunity gaps, Ms. Massenburg can be found reading, researching, and writing on issues concerning urban education. She is currently conducting research on the effects that professional development for urban principals offered at the district level has on student achievement. Ms. Massenburg currently resides in Cartersville, GA and plans to take up motorcycle lessons in the fall.

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Friday October 17, 2014 - 10:30 - 12:00

Technology in the alternative setting beyond the online curriculum

Mr. Richard Kerry Thompson

NAEA - National Alternative Education Association Board Member

Richard Kerry Thompson is currently the Dean and founder of the Swartz Creek Global Learning Hub. An alternative high school program utilizing the seat time wavier. He has worked with youth in Ireland, Boston and Michigan. He has been considered a, “Charismatic Visionary Leader” where ever he has been. His extraordinary leadership, empowerment and expectations brings out the best in his students. Richard is a pioneer in online learning. He has gained the respect of college professors as well as state legislators and federal and state bureaucrats. His work ethic and passion to bring online learning to students, individualizing their instruction for success is exemplary. He has made presentations to graduate PhD students, school superintendents, state and national Alternative Educations. School superintendents visit his model program on a regular basis. He is a consultant for Online Learning. Richard is the father of six children, pursuing his doctorate in Educational Leadership, a church cantor and creative presentation developer. He is a pure Irish Tenor and belongs to The Flint Male Chorus as well as the Brother 2 Brother duet. Richard Kerry Thompson is grateful to all those serving Alternative Education. “Magnum Opus” the great work that all those who give to our youth in the field of education. “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” Nelson Mandela

Technology ...beyond the online curriculum

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