Go to Kentucky

It is one of the most visited states in America

Great Climate

The first reason is Kentucky has a great climate. “Kentucky is well watered” (pg. 63). The average temperature in the summer is 72 degrees. It is not to warm but not too cold. The rain that falls in Kentucky makes up the waterfalls, rivers, streams, and lakes.

Stunning Scenery

The next reason you should go visit Kentucky is, it has stunning scenery. “Kentucky has towering mountains, rushing streams, rolling grasslands, and pleasant meadows” (pg.59). “ Black Mountain is the highest peak in Kentucky which rises 4,139 feet above sea level” (pg.60). Kentucky has waterfalls , rivers, streams, and lakes. Those are just some of all the beautiful things to see if you visit Kentucky.

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Tourist Attractions

In addition to great climate and stunning scenery, Kentucky has many tourist attractions. Kentucky has many tourist attractions that draw many people to visit the state. It has many different landforms that have people drawn there all year long. The cities and towns in Kentucky are very unique because a lot of them have rivers running through them which is very attractive to tourists.