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School Board Recognition Month

Dear Families,

I hope your new year is starting out well. We are excited about serving you and your children during 2021. To start the new year I want to acknowledge some very important people who do a great deal for all of us. Unlike so many services today the cost is right also: free. These special public servants are the Klamath Falls City Schools Board of Education.

January is School Board Recognition Month. I want to publicly thank Mychal Amos, Lori Theros, Trina Perez, Mike Moore, Carol Usher, Carlos Soriano, and Dawn Albright for their dedication, hard work, and wise guidance for our schools. Please join me in thanking these fellow citizens for their great service to all of us.

Each of them are focused on creating the best learning environment possible for each student. They also do an outstanding job of listening to our community and helping our schools fulfill the mission Klamath Falls has for youth education.

School Board Recognition Month is a great time to say thank you to the special people who have dedicated so much time and effort for our families.

Best wishes,

Paul Hillyer, KFCS Superintendent

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Conger Elementary Hybrid Learning Information

Please click the link below to see the attached detailed letter from Mrs. Bainbridge

Conger Parent Letter K-5 Hybrid Learning

Pelican Elementary Hybrid Learning Information

Please click the link below to see the attached detailed letter from Mrs. McCabe

Pelican Parent Letter K-5 Hybrid Learning

Mills & Roosevelt Hybrid Learning Information

AM/PM Cohorts: Your child will continue in the hybrid AM/PM class that they were in prior to returning to distance learning. If you are unsure contact your child's teacher of the office at 541-883-4754.

Classes will return to 5 days a week Monday through Friday.

AM Class Time: 8:00 AM

PM Class Time: 12:50 PM


  • AM arrival not before 7:50 AM
  • PM arrival not before 12:40 PM


  • AM pick-up time 10:35 AM
  • PM pick-up time 3:25 PM

We understand that our drop off and pick up safety procedures take extra time. You can help by adhering to our procedures, being patient, having your child ready to go ( mask on), ready to move forward, and quickly getting your child situated so you can safely exit the line. Thank you for your help!

ATTENDANCE: Please be aware that attendance matters as students are receiving new instruction and moving forward. We are keeping a close eye on attendance and if your student is below 85% you will be receiving a call to create an attendance goal for your student. We are working hard to help your student be on track in school.


In order to meet Oregon State Health Guidelines, every school needed to complete a blueprint of how we intend to keep students and staff safe, if you are interested in seeing our ODE blueprint, please click on the following link. http://www.kfalls.k12.or.us/Resources/health/BP/Conger_Blueprint.pdf

Our district has also implemented the following plan to help families know when their child can come to school and when they should stay home, as well as, what information is needed for them to return.


Please screen your child for symptoms of sickness using the “Can My STUDENT Go To School” screener. http://www.kfalls.k12.or.us/Resources/health/COVID_go_to_school-Flowchart.pdf

When calling your child in to report that your child is sick we will need the following:

  • Student's name
  • The onset of symptoms (when did symptoms begin)
  • A list of symptoms
  • If they (or you) have been exposed to someone with a positive or presumptive COVID case.

If we are unavailable to take your call, please leave the above information in a voice message and we will return your call.


  • ALL students must wear an appropriately fitted mask while at school (no face shields). Please discuss this expectation with them. Masks will be provided if needed.
  • Students may only bring a water bottle and a mask. Label all personal belongings. Please do not send snacks or any other personal items such as toys, supplies, etc.
  • It is critical that the school has your correct contact information. Please be sure to inform the office of any changes or updates by calling us at 541-883-4754.


  • Students will receive breakfast/lunch daily upon dismissal from school each day.
  • Wednesday meal pick-up will no longer be available unless your child is in quarantine or receiving instruction through live streaming. You will be contacted individually to establish a meal pick-up time if that is the case.

Ponderosa Hybrid Learning Information

AM session will begin at 8:15 AM and end at 10:55 PM.
  • 8:05-8:15 - Student drop off
  • 8:15- 9:33 - AM Instruction Block 1
  • 9:33-9:37 - Teacher rotation
  • 9:37-10:55 - AM Instruction Block 2
  • 10:55-11:05 - Controlled Dismissal
  • 11:05-12:55 - Teacher Lunch/Prep/PLC

PM Session will begin at 1:05 PM and end at 3:45 PM

  • 12:55-1:05 - Student drop off
  • 1:05- 2:23 - PM Instruction Block 1
  • 2:23-2:27 - Teacher rotation
  • 2:27-3:45 - PM Instruction Block 2
  • 3:45-3:55 - Controlled Dismissal

Klamath Union Phase One Hybrid Learning Information

Phase One - Hex 3 - Red/White Days Hybrid - January 11th - January 29th

RED DAY = Students with last name A-J

WHITE DAY = Students with last name K-Z(*)

(*) Exceptions to this will be notified individually on which days to attend school.

Students will attend in-person classes at KU on either the Red or White Day. The day they do not attend in-person is Applied Learning which includes independent time to complete at-home projects, assignments, group work, research, etc. that may be given by teachers.


  • 9:25 AM Bus drop off
  • 9:30 - 11:40 AM Period One
  • 11:40 AM - 12:05 PM Lunch (provided in classrooms)
  • 12:05 - 12:15 PM Cleaning/Passing to Period Two
  • 12:15 - 2:25 PM Period Two
  • 2:25 - 2:30 PM Transition to busses
  • 2:30 PM Bus pick up

Period 0 and Period 8 remain in CDL throughout Hex 3.


Monday, January 11 - RED Day Orientation

Tuesday, January 12 - WHITE Day Orientation

Wednesday, January 13 - RED Day

Thursday, January 14 - WHITE Day

Friday, January 15 - RED Day

Monday, January 18 - NO School MLK Jr. Day

Tuesday, January 19 - WHITE Day

Wednesday, January 20 - RED Day

Thursday, January 21 - WHITE Day

Friday, January 22 - CDL students & teachers

Monday, January 25 - RED Day

Tuesday, January 26 - WHITE Day

Wednesday, January 27 - RED Day

Thursday, January 28 - WHITE Day

Friday, January 29 - CDL 1/2 day (morning only) - Teacher Hex 3 grade prep

Transportation Information for Hybrid Learning

Klamath Falls City Schools K-6th grade students who were riding the bus during our brief stint in hybrid, the bus stop times will be within five minutes and the stop locations will remain the same. Please have your students at the bus stop 5 minutes early.

We will be contacting the 7th-12th eligible bus rider families with their stop times and locations. If you have not been contacted or have any busing questions please call the Klamath Falls City Schools Transportation department at 541-883-4716.

All students are required to wear face coverings on the school bus and will have assigned seats.

Please follow the "Can your student go to school flowchart?" on the Klamath Falls City Schools website. Please do not send your student(s) to the bus if it states May NOT attend school.

Please be patient especially for the first few weeks as we return to in-person school.


Chrys Dawes

Food Service Information for Hybrid Learning

Please click the link below for information regarding the January Food Service calendar

Meals for Students