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There is a video towards bottom of the page for more detail as well.

What is Instant Rewards you say?

Instant Rewards is an incentive website that represents major companies that are offering the latest and greatest products and services. Instant Rewards functions as a platform used by multiple Fortune 500 companies where they can advertise their products and services.

Why does Instant Rewards advertise for these companies?

The Fortune 500 company places their ad on the Instant Rewards website, and when someone comes along and tries their product and/or service, that company pays a commission to Instant Rewards. Therefore, Instant Rewards pays a percentage of that very same commission they receive to the affiliate who drove the traffic in the first place.

How do you get paid?

When you sign up for Instant Rewards Starter, Instant Rewards Easy, Or Instant Rewards60, you get your own, unique affiliate referral link. In order to be eligible to earn commissions, you have to complete 1-6 trial offers, depending on which program you choose, then you just simply refer others to the website to complete a few trial offers themselves, and YOU get paid. The great thing about this is many of the trial offers are free and/or low cost, so you can do this without spending very much money. You only do these offers one-time, and you will NEVER have to do them EVER again. This is a Win-Win for everyone because not only are you earning an income doing this, you are giving others an opportunity to do the same. Instant Rewards sends payment directly to your Paypal account or send you a check!
~You Pick Your Preferred Payment Method~

How much does it cost to start/

The initial cost to start varies because it is dependent on which offers you decide to do. However, there are several free/low cost offers with Instant Rewards. If you sign up with just Instant Rewards Starter I will not offer to reimburse you as this one can be done for FREE. However if you choose to sign up for both Instant Rewards Starter and Instant Rewards Easy and complete your offers, I will reimburse you up to $2 plus $5. The BEST PART, I will reimburse your start up fee up to $10 plus $10 if you sign up with all 3, Instant Rewards Starter, Easy and 60. Making it TOTALLY FREE to you, extra money in your pocket, and an opportunity to earn extra money for yourself.

How much will you expect to make?

This is a question I am asked all the time, let's show some figures out there.

Since Instant Rewards pays $110.00 each time someone completes Instant Rewards Starter, Easy and 60, here are some monthly figures:

1 Referral Completion Per Day= $3300+

2 Referral Completions Per Day=$6600+

3 Referral Completions Per Day=$9900+

(Instant Rewards also pays you an additional 5% on everything your downline does (2 Levels Deep)

The potential earnings are absolutely AMAZING!!!!

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