Professional Learning Day

February 9, 2018

The Big Idea

We want you to have the opportunity to learn and expand your boundaries as an educator at Aurora Public Schools. Over the past three years we have geared this day to be more inward focused. We have learned from each other and from outside presenters. We would now like to take the next step. As human beings, our best learning often comes when we are outside of our routine environments. We want to give YOU the opportunity to learn from the world at large.

Your Learning Mission (Option A)

We want you to find an opportunity outside of the Aurora Public School district to go out and learn from what people are doing. This could be in the form of another teacher, a school district, or even a business.

Focus on environments that are developing and demonstrating strong use of collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity in a technology rich environment.

What We Need From You

Once you have decided where/who you (or your team) want to visit, please contact them and arrange the details for your visit. The earlier you can do this, the better.

Please take a moment to add the details of your visit to this spreadsheet. Please take note of where others from our district are visiting. We don't want to create a burden on a business or school by having too many of us visiting at the same time.

Your Learning Mission (Option B)

If you choose not to find an opportunity outside of Aurora Public Schools on February 9th, you can stay at school and attend the various sessions that will provided. These sessions will look similar to what we have done in the past where you choose a session to attend from a predetermined group of presenters. Leading sessions that day will be Craig Badura, Desiree Teahon and Jackie Ediger. If you do choose this option, you will more than likely be approached about leading and facilitating session(s) as well. If you are planning on staying at school on February 9th, please fill out this form by Friday, January 19th. This will help us plan our day.

Good to Know...

  • If you chose Option A, be sure to tap on the spreadsheet link in the "What We Need From You" section so that your building administrator will know where you will be learning at on February 9th.
  • Transportation, scheduling, and lunch is on your own
  • If you chose Option B, lunch will be on your own

Sharing Your Learning (Option A & B both complete)

To reflect on the learning process, you will be crafting a blog post and publishing it to your respective building's Padlet that is listed below. You will also attend a Q&A Session/Share and Tell/Debriefing during your buildings next scheduled Tech EOW. Dates are listed below.

Aurora Elementary Padlet

Aurora Middle School Padlet

Aurora High School Padlet

Things to include in your blog post...

  • Name of business, individual or school district you visited
  • WHY you chose to visit here
  • What did your day look like?
  • What did you learn?
  • What did you learn that you could immediately use in your classroom?
  • Digital images (not required but you do have the option to add photos in Padlet. If you see something on your visit you like, take a pic and save for the Padlet and your blog post)

Question and Answer/Share and Tell/Debriefing Sessions

*More details about this day will be shared in the future.

Elementary-February 28th

Middle School-February 14th

High School-February 14th


If you have any questions, please email or see Mr. Badura