Charles Darwin

Adjectives to describe him:

Curious (He always loved to explore and find new things) Gentle (He was always gentle with the animals, insects, and forms of life he came across) Freethinker (He thought outside of the box when it came to origins of the world) Chubby (He always seemed to be a little "plump" since he was a child) Slow (In his later years, he was not very great a movement)
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Charles' effect on the world.

Charles has brought the world a theory so controversial, yet ground-breaking, that many pursue to follow in his footsteps, and many others despise him. He was one of the first to create an idea that opposes creationism. Scientists saw this theory as a way to explain the universe in a whole new way that didn't involve any benevolent deities or mythological creature. One of the major theories that go hand-in-hand with this one is the "Big Bang" theory. Overall, people either see this theory of evolution as a great landmark in science, or a complete offense to religion.

What makes Charles special?

Charles is special because he created the theory of Evolution. This theory explained how life began and how we gained better traits to help us in life as the generations went on. Now, this may be just one small thing, but in reality it allowed scientists to find other ways to explain the universe other than creationism and other previous beliefs. Many lives were impacted with Charles' major discovery and the great thing is, is the fact that he made the theory from a few fossils and an extremely smart mind. Charles is a genius.

What shaped Charles' life?

The first thing that shaped Charles' life was school. He always tried to run away from his school to learn the mysteries of the outdoors, but almost always failed and was disciplined. This taught him discipline. Another thing that shaped his life was the death of mother. It turned him away from God slightly and made him more of a freethinker. Lastly, the death of his infant daughter Annie. This made him very angry at God, which in turn made him want to explain the universe other than creationism more.