Biography- William Tyndale

By-Mindy Kang Period-7&8

William Tyndale's early life

William Tyndale was born in the year 1494 in Gloucestershire, England. His parents were John Tyndale and Amphyllis Coningsby. During the fifteenth century, his family migrated to Gloucestershire. Tyndale began a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Oxford University in 1512 began a Bachelor of Arts degree at Oxford University in 1512. During his time in Oxford, he created a bible study group with some friends who attended Oxford. He was very determined to translate the New Testament of the bible into an english version. In 1530, he wrote a treatise critical of Henry VIII's divorce. When the English King found out about this, he was not very happy and was very determined for his deportation. After being in hiding for several years, Tyndale was betrayed and handed over to the imperial authorities in Belgium in 1535. He was strangled and his body burnt at the stake. His last words were reported to be, "Lord! Open the King of England's eyes!"

What William Tyndale did and how it impacted the world

Tyndale was best remembered for his hope for that the Bible would be translated into English to allow common people to be able to read the Holy scriptures. HIs translations also proved to be popular, becoming the main key for other future bible translations. It is estimated around 80% of the King James Bible is Tyndale's. For years after his death, King Henry VIII asked for the English translations to be published. Tyndale impacted the world with new phrases and words into the English translations. Without his work, we would not get the translation of the bible sooner. Not only did he give us a translation of the bible, he set and example to other believers. It gives others motivation and a role model of what real faith is.