Kitchen Manager

Job Description

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Responsibilities Of The Job

Being a kitchen manager is responsible for the kitchen equipment, also the product making and the menu development. They also have to supervise, coordinate, and keep the kitchen as a whole motivated.

Skills/ Training & Education

Some skill you might need to have if you like this kind of job would be:

-Attention to detail


-Management skills

-Organization skills

-Problem solving skills

-Speaking skills


For education its not really necessary but it would be good to have a bachelors degree in food service or similar because that's starting to become very valuable to employers. And for training after your hired many places will put you through very intense training programs.

How Much Do They Make?

A recent report from The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that food service managers made a hourly rate of $23.14(yearly $48,130). It can also be a part-time job but mainly a full-time job.