WINTER PARK BAND Weekly Newsletter

September 6, 2020



Monday, Sep. 7th, 12am

2100 Summerfield Road

Winter Park, FL

Marching Percussion Rehearsal/Student Leadership Meeting

Thursday, Sep. 10th, 2:45-5pm

2100 Summerfield Road

Winter Park, FL

All marching percussionists and Student Leadership only. Students will be meeting either in person or virtually. Please see below for more information.

Band Booster Meeting

Thursday, Sep. 10th, 7-8pm

This is an online event.

Topic: Band Booster Meeting

Time: Sep 10, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 994 9681 5971

Passcode: 7pcN7y


From Mr. Clemente

Dear Winter Park Band families,

I hope everyone is enjoying a pleasant long weekend!

As I discussed in last week's newsletter, we are looking ahead at our schedule to see if any outdoor band activities will be able to be held after school. Currently, I am still awaiting guidance from the school administration team on how, where, and when those rehearsals will be held on a larger scale. Questions I have asked are still in the process of being answered, which is putting a hinderance on planning.

In spite of this, I do know that we are able to begin with small group work. Beginning this week, we will hold a marching percussion rehearsal and a Student Leadership meeting during our regularly scheduled Thursday marching band time slot. Please read below for our guidelines for Thursday:

  • Both the percussion rehearsal and Leadership meeting will take place outdoors.
  • Students will need to bring sunscreen, hats, water jugs, etc. to be prepared for an outdoor rehearsal.
  • If weather becomes a factor preventing rehearsal, rehearsal will be cancelled. Parents - please have a plan in place for your student to have transportation in the event that weather cancels a rehearsal.
  • Students will maintain physical distancing of a minimum of 6 ft, and 10 ft distance when possible.
  • Students must wear a proper face mask at all times according to county regulations.
  • Students may only remove their mask if they need to play their instrument with a mouthpiece. Wind players must wear their face mask at all times when not playing their instrument. Percussionists and Color Guard must have a mask on at all times.
  • Students who are currently enrolled in LaunchED are welcome to participate in person. Students who are enrolled face-2-face will already be present on campus.
  • Students must have a physical on file to participate in outdoor band activities. If you have not already turned in a completed physical form to the directors, one must be completed and turned in before a student may participate.

After the rehearsal and meeting on Thursday, we will evaluate the possibility of having larger groups of students rehearsing outdoors on campus. Please stay tuned to future communication through email and the weekly newsletter for calendar updates.

Step 3 Band Registration Forms are now past due since Monday, 8/24. Many of our families have already completed and turned in the forms - thank you! If your family has not completed the forms as of yet, please ensure that your forms are either physically in the Band office or digitally in the director's email inboxes by the end of the day Tuesday. More information and links to the forms below in the "BAND FORMS" section.

Remember to balance your relaxation with some quality, focused practice time. See you all on Tuesday!

Mr. Clemente


From the Band Booster President

Hi everyone.

I highly encourage everyone to consider selling ads for the Program Ads and Sponsors fundraiser, which also will be available in a digital format this year! A great selling point. Remember: your student gets 60% of any ad they sell or sponsorship they receive as fundraising credit directly applied to their account. Ad sales and sponsorships are due no later than September 30, so you'll need to work quickly!

Also, all parents please join us for a general band booster zoom meeting this Thursday September 10 at 7pm. Information on how to join contained in the event above in the newsletter.

Have a wonderful week!



Monday, August 31, we will be kicking off this year's Program Ads and Sponsorships Fundraiser. This is an annual fundraiser for our Band program, and it's super easy to sell ads and or find sponsorships to earn fundraising credit for your student!

SENIOR PARENTS: try to gather photos asap if they want to put something in the program this year for their senior.

The Band’s Concert Program is distributed, free of charge, at all concerts during the school year. In addition to pictures of the Band and information about its members, the Program also contains advertisements from local businesses and Band families. The sale of these ads is a great way for your student to raise money that will defray your financial obligations to the Band. The student’s Band account will be credited with 60% of the ad revenue that he/she sells, depending on the Band’s printing cost. Ana Nazarian is the parent volunteer in charge of the Concert Program. Her contact info is listed below.

Options for Ads/Sponsorship Sales:

  • Local Business Ads: These are black and white ads of varying sizes (business card, ¼ page, ½ page or full page). A company should submit an electronic copy of its ad in a high-resolution format of at least 300 dpi or better. Acceptable files include: PDF, JPG, PNG, EPS and PSD. Email the file to We request the digital format of the ad be the actual size of the ad that you are purchasing. Two business cards are required for business card ads.
  • Student Dedications: Parents and other family members of any grade level student may purchase ad space (¼, ½, or full) as a dedication to their student or student’s section. The same formatting and resolution requirements listed above apply to Student Dedication Ads. A great way to honor your student, especially Seniors, and 60% goes back to you as fundraising credit!
  • Sponsorships from local businesses or families: Sponsors are financial donors listed together on a single page in the program, according to the contribution level. If you know someone who would like to donate to the Band but does not own a business, this is a great way for them to show their support.

It’s Super Easy!!!

Steps for Selling a Band Program Ad:

  1. Upon initial contact with a business, provide the cover letter and order form. It is helpful to show potential advertisers a copy of last year’s Program. Copies are available in the band room.
  2. Once a company has agreed to purchase an ad or sponsorship, fill out the order form and obtain a signature from the company representative. The order form may also be used for Student Dedication Ads and Sponsorships.
  3. In one envelope labeled “Program Ad/Sponsor Sales,” please submit the order form, a check payable to “WPHS Band,” and a hard copy of the ad. The digital version of the ad should be emailed to Ana Nazarian, Include the student’s name and advertiser’s name in the subject line (i.e. re: John Smith, Acme Supplies, Inc.).
  4. Please submit all forms, ads, and payments by Wednesday, September 30, 2020.
  5. Forms are available on the Band’s website ( for additional copies.

Questions? Contact Ana Nazarian at or call 407-325-6167.



As has been stated in the past few newsletters, the auditions for the 2020-2021 Florida All-State ensembles are still taking place this school year. Auditions will take place virtually using a phone app called HeartOut. The app is free to download, and students may download it at any time to begin to familiarize themselves with the operating system. If a student does not have access to a phone at the current moment, Mr. Clemente and Mr. Smith will work individually with that student to ensure their audition is recorded.

If you are preparing and intending to audition for an All-State ensemble, please click the link below to sign up for your audition(s). Please fill out the form completely to register for your audition. If you wish to audition for both a concert band and a jazz ensemble, you will need to fill out this form twice. Also, if you wish to audition on multiple instruments, you will need to fill out this form for each audition you will perform.

Registration for an All-State audition is due by Thursday, September 10.

Please also make sure that you are preparing the correct music and scales for the All-State audition. Visit to find the All-State Audition Requirements forms and read all directions thoroughly and carefully.

  • ALL-STATE AUDITION MATERIALS - must be logged into OCPS account to view.
  • September 25 - 26: 11/12 Symphonic Band Audition Window
  • September 27 - 28: 9/10 Concert Band Audition Window
  • October 2 - 3: Jazz Ensemble Audition Window

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have or to seek out help in preparation for your audition. Best of luck!



Whether a student is learning a musical instrument to pursue a career in music, or simply for personal musical fulfillment and recreation, private lessons are one of the best investments that a parent can provide for their musical child. When working with a private teacher, students receive one-on-one instruction from a professional musician who specializes on that instrument.

​Unlike a full band rehearsal experience, studying with a private teacher focuses in on the student’s individual needs. Students who study privately once a week from a professional musician are usually those who excel and find Band more enjoyable. These students frequently earn positions in honor groups like All-State and All-County, and make entry into our more advanced bands like Wind Symphony and Jazz Ensemble I. Some even go on to earn college scholarships, even if they are not majoring in music!

By following the link below, you will find a list of local private teachers. This list is not exhaustive, and there may be other individuals who are not on the list. If you know a private teacher who should be added (or would like to be deleted), please contact Mr. Clemente at




Attention New and Incoming Band Parents - our New Parent Liaison, Beth Visconti, is here to help you with any questions you may have about how to get involved with the Band Program and the Band Boosters. You can reach out to her at any time by email at Please don't hesitate to say hello!



We are still missing completed forms from a number of our Band families. If you have not yet completed the final 4 forms, please read thoroughly below and have forms turned in by Tuesday, September 8.

To complete your registration with the Winter Park Band program, each Band family must complete the following forms. These forms are separate from the Google registration form that families have filled out in either the spring or summer. The forms can be located on the Band website, or by clicking on the link below, in the form of a packet PDF. There forms are included in the packet:

  • Financial Obligations Form 2020/2021 *revised as of 8/12/2020*
  • Band Handbook Acknowledgement Form *revised as of 8/12/2020*
  • Emergency Treatment Authorization Form
  • OCPS Model Release Form

The Band Handbook can be found on the Band website by clicking here.

Click these links to find the forms that must be completed:



Forms are now PAST DUE since Monday, August 24. Forms may either be printed at home, filled out, signed, and emailed back to Mr. Clemente and Mr. Smith as an attachment (PDF attachments preferred) OR turned in as a hard copy to the Band office. Hard copies of the packets will be available for pick-up in the Band office on Friday, 8/21, for students either coming to school for F2F instruction or those who do not have access to a printer at home.



We understand that a number of our students are working through tech issues on their end, and understand that those issues take time to resolve. Our technology is by no means perfect, and issues will be inevitable. However, students must be going through the proper channels with the school to attempt to remedy these issues as quickly as possible. No student should be at home on LaunchED with a camera not working or a microphone issue having not been proactive in seeking a solution. We have received emails from the school's tech department concerning individual students who have ongoing issues but were proactive in trying to have them resolved throughout the first two weeks of school. Thank you for your proactivity!

If you are having a technology issue and have not yet reached out to the school about resolution, please email Mr. Steffey at to set up an appointment at school for your computer to be looked at. Email should be sent as soon as you read this!

As a reminder, students are considered present in their LaunchED class if they:

  1. Joined the call before the tardy bell.
  2. Have their camera on the entire class period.
  3. Are able to be seen, face and instrument, in the camera view.
  4. Participate in class from bell to bell.

Students who do not have their camera on for the duration of class, and we have not received an email from the school stating awareness of the issue and work towards it being resolved, will be marked absent.

Thank you for your work to resolve these technology issues!


Big picture


The vast majority of LaunchED curriculum will take place on CANVAS this school year. if students have questions about what was covered in class and what materials they are/will be responsible for that day or week, please check your canvas class first.

To access CANVAS, students will visit and enter their student login information. Then, click on the CANVAS icon. Navigate to your dashboard and find your band and/or jazz class.



Past Due Band Payments

  • Band Registration Fair Share - $25.00 Due 5/5
  • Fair Share Payment 1 - $25.00 Due 8/19

Viewing your Student's Financial Account in Charms:

There is a direct link to Charms in "Quick Links" on the band website.

  • Our school code is winterparkhsband
  • The Student Area Password would be a unique password that either the student or parent have set up. (If you don't know the password it can be reset by one of the band directors).
  • Once you have logged into the Student Area, click on the round, red $ symbol on the top menu bar to view your student's account
  • If your student has earned Band Account Credit (in the Miscellaneous Ledger) this credit can be transferred to pay for many band fees: Fair Share, School Instrument Maintenance, Registration Fees for All-State, All-County and Solo Ensemble.

Requesting a Credit Transfer to pay for Fixed Payments Due:

  • Click on the "Transfer Request" tab just below the round, red $ symbol. Select the fixed payment you would like to pay for using the credit. The request is sent to the band directors and the band booster treasurer.
  • SENIORS: Please check your credit balance and use it accordingly during the year. Credit for Seniors left at the end of the year can only be transferred to siblings.