Great Falls Central Catholic High School 9.29.20

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Principal Corner

Homecoming week is crazy and fun. We love seeing all the spirit everywhere and the decorations the sophomore class put together are beautiful. I'm including pictures for you all to enjoy.

Edgenuity classes are up and running and you may notice your student insisting there is no homework. Please note that on their schedules now, zero and 9th period will have me listed as a teacher for their classes, even those the student is not coming in early or staying late. Each student is assigned a study hall class with a teacher to supervise their classwork here during the day. Many study halls have students taking different classes, so Edgenuity classes will be noted in the 0/9th hours for the sake of offering credit. They may indeed not have homework for those on-line classes since they are working in a class here on their on-line class.

Bullying report to administration

Students can report a bullying event confidentially to administration through this link. They have this link on the Mustang Roundup class.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences are going to be done differently this year. We are going to hold virtual conferences over 2 evenings after school beginning next month and on a 1/2 day in November. This is to offer more flexibility to families with working parents, get information out to you sooner about student success, and accommodate the requirements of social distancing and safety of our school employees. Teachers will be sending out an appointment calendar invitation to your Parent Portal email correspondence address and will conduct those meetings virtually over the computer or by phone with you. Please give me a call if you are concerned about your accessibility.

First date: October 12th (Monday) 3-7

Second date: October 21st (Wednesday) 3-7

Third date: November 5th 12-4 (Thursday)

There will be NO CONFERENCES on November 6th.

Homecoming Festivities

Spirit Week is going well here at Great Falls Central! The costumes have been so terrific and many students and staff have participated.

Here is Friday's Schedule:

8:00-12:00 Classes

12:00-1:45 Lunch and float decorating on campus

2:00-2:25 Presentation of Royalty

2:30-3:00 Homecoming Parade in front of the school

6:30-10:00 BBQ and game night

and Saturday's:

10:00 Volleyball Game- presentation of royalty

7:00 Football Game-Honoring the 1970 football team and presentation of royalty

You need to sign up on the links below if you would like to attend either game. More seats are available at the football game because it is outdoors and the Health Department allows more guests.

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Homecoming volleyball signup link

Click here to sign up for Volleyball

homecoming football signup link

Click here to sign up for Football.

Vocations Corner submitted by Matt Ginnaty

DEAR YOUNG PEOPLE: Do not be afraid of Christ. He takes nothing away, and He gives you everything. When we give ourselves to Him, we receive a hundredfold in return. – Pope Benedict XVI Let yourself be summoned by the love of Christ, recognize His voice which rings in the temple of your heart. Have no fear of the fact that the response He requires is radical, because Jesus, who first loved you, is ready to give what He asks of you. If He asks much it is because He knows that you can give much. – Saint Pope John Paul II

PARENTS: Don’t be afraid to encourage service in your children. Mothers are often the main influence in a man’s discernment to the priesthood. Knowing and understanding your own feelings and your reasons for them is an important step in knowing how to respond to your son or daughter. The vast majority of teens today feel that if they told their parents they were even “just thinking” about priesthood or religious life, their parents would be completely opposed to the idea, laugh at them, or in some other way not take them seriously. The best response to your child’s interest in a vocation is to be supportive and encouraging. Just as the child grows to maturity, and human and spiritual autonomy, so his unique vocation which comes from God asserts itself more clearly and forcefully. Parents should respect this call and encourage their children to follow it. They must be convinced that the first vocation of the Christian is to follow Jesus. Parents should welcome and respect with joy and thanksgiving the Lord's call to one of their children to follow him in virginity for the sake of the Kingdom in the consecrated life or in priestly ministry. CCC 2232 and 2233

EVERY DIOCESE, EVERY PARISH, AND EVERY FAMILY – shares in the obligation to promote interest in priestly and religious vocations. When Jesus calls people to a priestly or religious vocation, “He invites them to leave behind their own narrow agenda and their notions of self-fulfillment in order to immerse themselves in another will, the will of God,” said Pope Benedict XVI. The prayerful support of the community is necessary to help people hear and respond to that call. That need is especially strong, he wrote, “In these times when the voice of the Lord seems to be drowned out by other voices and His invitation to follow Him by the gift of one’s life may seem too difficult.”

ATTRIBUTES OF MIDDLE SCHOOL AGE YOUTH – Teachers, parents, and other adults who closely interact with youth can notice some attributes that can be indicators of a young person who would be a good priest or religious. Don’t be afraid to ask the youth if they are thinking about their vocation. Here are some indicators of young people who would make good priests or religious: interacts well with others, openness and interest in serving others, compassion, ability to forgive, generosity, prayerfulness, and willingness to take a stand for the truth.

ATTRIBUTES OF HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE AGE PERSONS - Teachers, parents, and other adults who closely interact with teens and young adults can notice some attributes that can be indicators of a young person who would be a good priest or religious. Don’t be afraid to ask the youth if they are thinking about their vocation. Here are some indicators of young people who would make good priests or religious: leadership, critical thinking, energy and stamina, comfort in relationship with Christ and His Church, care for others as well as self, cooperativeness in teamwork, humility and healthy sense of humor, and trustworthiness.

Donate to the School

We appreciate your support!

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Win some money and support Central!

The Diocese of Great Falls-Billings is holding the First Annual Family Recreation Raffle. This raffle is a major fundraiser with the focus on building our future. We are offering a total of 8 prizes, including 4 early bird cash prizes and 4 other major prizes. All these prizes are geared towards focus on the family and family fun events. Montana is such a beautiful state and God’s Big Sky Country is where we love to have fun with family!

Early Bird $500 Cash Prizes will be randomly drawn monthly, November 2020 through February 2021, at the chancery of the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings. Drawing dates are shown below:

  • November 16, 2020
  • December 16, 2020
  • January 15, 2021
  • February 16, 2021

$5 of each ticket sold through GFCC or by our students comes back to our school. In addition, the group in the Diocese that sells the most tickets can get an extra $1 per ticket. I'd love that to be our school!

"Boost" your support of Great Falls Central

We need you!

Our Booster Club, aka Stampede Club, membership drive is underway!

The club supports students, coaches and advisers in all extracurricular activities. We provide financial support and take on projects for the school. This summer we purchased T-shirts for the football team,cameras for the NHFS network to Broadcast games and events on the Internet and paid for maintenance/repairs on the buses.

Next month we will be unveiling an exciting new project for our gym.

As usual, a membership gets you the annual T-shirt, and a chance to give back and get involved!

Attached you’ll find the membership form, if you have any questions you can email Miriam Walters @ gfcchsstampedeclub.com

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Athletic Event Reminders

Folks, we are lucky that we can have spectators at our events for now. However, our health department has some requirements that we must enforce. Failure to do so could result in an outbreak of Covid-19 at our event or a complaint against the school.

  1. All families must sit in house groups 6' apart from other families at any event. Students may not sit with other families besides their own.
  2. Masks must be worn at all times inside our facility. Masks must worn when entering or walking around in the stadium at outdoor events. Masks may be removed when seated at outdoor events when following the social distance rules.
  3. Contact tracing must be available at every event, so we must have a complete list of attendees at all events prior to the event. If our spectators are not registered in the on-line signup, they will not be allowed in to the event. We will not allow entry to any people who are not on the list. Wristbands will be issued at the event for all persons on the list to enter and reenter the event instead of hand stamps.
  4. All spectators must remember that their behavior must reflect good sportsmanship and reflect positively on GFCCHS. We promote cheering FOR teams, respect for officials, clean language, and respect for all players. Please read section 8300 of our Student Activities and Athletics Handbook for detailed guidelines. I have linked that handbook in this Hoofbeats.
Student Athlete and Activities Handbook

Please read this handbook if you have a student in athletics or activities/clubs at GFCC. Some policies changed this summer.

Remote Learning Designation

Students who are quarantined or are out for several days can remote in to a class, with notification to the office, so teachers can prepare. They have to set up equipment to do this, so need advance notice. Remote Learning students will be expected to log in at the time of their classes and stay for the entire class each period of the day. Logging in late is a tardy. Remote access is reserved for students with permission from the office and notice to the teachers. Remote access granted by the office will not count against student absences.

Great Falls Central Catholic

Great Falls Central Catholic High School, a diocesan college preparatory school, is committed to developing academic excellence in a Christ-centered community that strengthens leadership and service to others.