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TCPS Continuity of Learning Plan


Talbot County Public Schools will begin implementing the next phase of our continuity of learning plan on Monday. April 6. Foundational to our plan is an effort to reconnect students to their teachers and learning in the hopes of providing some sense of normalcy in this uncertain and stressful time. It is important to note that our plan focuses on the key standards, not the entire scope and sequence of a course or grade level.

The plan is not intended to replicate the regular classroom experience as students will not have the benefit of real-time teacher instruction to the extent that they do on a regular school day. The plan does provide course or grade level learning activities that are designed to be accessible to all students. While these activities are constructed to be completed more independently than regular classroom assignments, our plan provides opportunity for students to ask questions and engage with their teacher(s) remotely during scheduled “office hour” times.

TCPS’ continuity of learning plan implements a parallel delivery model for student engagement. The majority of students will be using their school issued iPad or laptop to access learning activities on FROG, our student learning management system.

  • Posted on FROG will be the core learning activities all students in that course or grade level are to complete. These are the tasks teachers will be reviewing to monitor student progress in meeting the key learning objectives.
  • In addition, each teacher will be posting additional learning tasks that students may choose to complete for more practice or enrichment.
  • Teacher FROG sites will also include short videos, screencast, and other features to assist students in their learning.
  • Students who do not have access to internet will be mailed learning packets to complete.
  • These packets will contain all the materials for the core tasks and when appropriate, additional enrichment.
  • Students will keep the completed packets and return them to their teachers for feedback when schools reopen.

To access FROG

  • Go to this URL on any web browser (Google Chrome is preferred) https://frog.tcps.k12.md.us This will bring you to the log in screen.
  • Enter your child's login credentials provided to you by the school.
  • Contact your child’s teacher if you do not have your child’s login information.
  • Students in grade 6-12 are well-versed in the use of FROG. They have been using it as a daily component of their regular instruction.
  • Elementary students may initially need some additional support or reminders about the login process.

There is no mandated time during the day when students must login to FROG to complete their work. Family schedules and needs will be different, so flexibility in scheduling is important. In order to keep pace with the activities from week-to-week, students are also encouraged to complete the core activities during the week assigned. Students are encouraged to join the virtual class meetings that may be offered by their teacher during scheduled “office hours” if they are able, but it is not required. Completing the core activities is what is required to continue progressing in the course or grade level.


The focus of learning in PreK-2 will be on math and literacy skills. All PreK work will be in packet format mailed home to families. Core learning activities for grades 3-5 will be for math, English Language Arts, social studies, and science. Additional activities for the fine arts and physical education will be provided beginning the week of April 13.

Activities will be available on FROG for students to access on their iPad or in packet format for those who do not have internet access. It is important to consider the developmental needs of elementary students when considering a schedule of their home learning time, including limiting screen time.

  • For students in grade Pre-2, we recommend that the core learning activities be broken into 15-20 minute segments with periods of time in between for options such as free play, creative activities, exercise, choice activities, and self-selected reading.
  • The core learning activities for grades 3-5 are designed for 90 minutes to 2 hours per day and should be completed in 20-30 minute chunks with extended breaks for activities noted above.
  • It is imperative to remember that the continuity of learning core activities are not meant to stress students or families; the purpose is to provide students with opportunities to practice key skills.


Core activities for students in grades 6-12 are designed to maintain and extend student knowledge and thinking skills related to the key standards in a class.

  • It is anticipated that secondary students will be engaged in these activities for 30-40 minutes per class per day. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the additional learning activities designed by their teacher specific to their class that will be posted on FROG.
  • These activities will provide greater differentiation and enrichment. Please note that students who need packets at the secondary level may receive their weekly materials in more than one mailing.

For all student the most important thing to remember is “Do your best.” No matter what our school system plan is, learning in this new model will not be the same as regular school. Parents and students are encouraged to communicate with teachers during “office hours” if there are questions about the core activities or the use of FROG. The technology Helpdesk is available at helpdesk@talbotschools.org to assist with laptop or iPad issues. Parents should contact the school administration with any other questions or concerns.

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