May you and your families celebrate!

Mr. B's Brightest of All Lights

Final Week of 2013

Our busy week of school included visits from our friends next door. The older friends brought "coding" to many classes and we had a visit to hear "'Twas the night before Christmas". Many of our Primary students had a terrific time learning and listening from the kids in grades 4 and 5 and 6. Be sure to ask your children if they had a visit! It was also my pleasure to read some terrific books to the children during the week. "Christmas Magic", "Pete the Cat Saves Christmas", and brand new book called, "Marth Saves her Family from the Green Beans". Great times were had! It was a joy to watch their faces.

Students on DreamBox for Math

This past few weeks I have observed our students working hard on a math program called DreamBox. It is a highly engaging program that keeps the children engrossed in the processes of math, at a challenging level for each individual. When I walk into the lab, there is very little chatter. The screen lights reflect on the children's faces as they work through math concepts aligned with our curriculum and that of the Common Core. It is a joy to see the students moving ahead in math and persevering when challenges confront them.

Our PTO Comes Through Again

This past week, our PTO presented our teachers with a terrific breakfast of baked dishes, fresh fruit, bakery of all kinds with coffee and juice to accompany the goodies. Our school is so fortunate to be supported by these terrific persons who give of themselves to bring smiles to our staff. Many thanks and best wishes to all of you who support our PTO.

By the way, our recent PTO sponsored book fair is still reaping benefits for us as we collected Scholastic dollars to spend toward our bookroom and classroom libraries. The non-fiction collections continue to grow! Thanks!!!!

The Winter Break. . . .

We begin our winter break this afternoon and return on the 2nd of January. I hope that the predicted snowstorm is kind to you, but brings great times outside for the kids. I also hope that you can find some time each day to do a little reading. My two books, "The Power of Teaching" and "Visible Learning For Teachers" will be completed, I hope, before the Badgers play on January 1st. Reading to the kids or vice-versa can be a good time too! Thanks!