By Gavin.d and Diego.g




Injustice Review:

Its not that bad for a 9 year old. I bought it for my son. I watched him play and it wasnt so violent. You can kick punch and uppercut but other than a 9 year old can play it. There is a couple swear words but other than that theres no others. There are some super moves but they arent too bad like Mortal Kombat. The Injustice app on the app store is 9 and up, But in the Xbox PS3 and WII U Version has Curse words. So if your child is used to swearing They should be fine if you get the Xbox PS3 or WII U.

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My partner and I think that the feature s like super moves and being a super rare superhero and being proud of defeating enemies are pretty cool


Combat is the way you get credits to by packs, characters, promotions, support cards, and single character. Now the game is all about mortal combat. So you. Have to swipe to the right to do heavy attacks and you tap, taping is faster than heavy attacks but do less damage. And there is a bar on your bottom left corner, when it fills up you want to tap on it so it will do a special attack