Happy Appreciation Month

On Behalf Of The MTEA

Our Members Are Gifts

On Behalf of the entire MTEA we thank all our members, Teachers, School Support Staff and Secretaries for always going the extra mile.

Our Members:

  • Will accommodate for a child's needs so that child can be successful in the way he or she needs to be successful. This is not always due to a learning disorder.
  • Will tell any child "good job" for any simple or complex achievement, a perfect spelling test or their 500th strike out.
  • Will accept change and adapt, as long as we are given the opportunity and the training to change and adapt.
  • Will be patient and remind he or herself that the student is only 9 or 13 or 17.
  • Realize this is public education. It is not perfect. It never will be. It will constantly change and we must change with the flow, the current trend, and the newest idea.
  • Educates every student to achieve his or her best and if someone or something impedes that process of learning, we will make it go away.
  • Often comes to work when it is still dark outside. Often will leave when it is dark again.
  • Works on the weekends, on holidays, during the summer.
  • Can never leave their work at the office.
  • Day does not end when the buses pull out.
  • Builds relationships and teaches the students to build relationships.
  • Goes to graduation and hugs the student who called them names, wrote bad things on the Internet about them, lied to their face, and disrespected them. Our member whispers in that student's ear, "I am so proud of you. I knew you could do it."
  • Our members never give up.
  • Our members are gifts.

Our Gift for You

Our gift for you this year is a traveling, portable, blanket pillow. Keep it in your car, bring it on a picnic, enjoy it on the beach or use it in school. ENJOY IT . We thank you for your continued support and dedication.
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