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September 13, 2021

Parent Teacher Conferences

This year for Parent-Teacher Conferences we will be offering two options for parents. On Tuesday, September 21st, we will hold in-person conferences from 4:00 - 7:50. On Wednesday, September 22nd, we will hold conferences via Zoom. All conferences will require a sign-up via Skyward to prevent mass gatherings at the school.

Please understand this will mean you will not be able to see all teachers as our teachers have between 150 and 200 students and there are not that many timeslots available. We are asking you, as parents, to determine whether you really need to speak to a teacher. Some suggestions would be, if your student is achieving in a class, they may not need to talk with that teacher, but if you have questions or concerns about your student's success, that would be when you should schedule.

If you need to talk with a teacher, and cannot schedule with them, please email them. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please note that Mrs. Quinones will only be at Eastmont on Tuesday for conferences, and Mrs. Watts will only have conferences on Wednesday.

To sign up for a conference, you will need to log in to Skyward Family Access and follow the steps outlined in the photo below. If you need assistance with scheduling your conference, please call the office at 801-826-7000. Conference sign-ups will open on September 15th.

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What happens in TA?

Many of you may wonder what we do in our TA class on Monday and Tuesday. During TA, we work on lessons to help middle school students be successful at school. We have identified these lesson topics through surveys of students and staff at the school. We do our lessons and help our students navigate through their tough middle school years on Mondays. On Tuesdays, we do our school business: Announcements, Grade Checks, and any other items we need to get out to students. We have made our class sizes for TA small so the teacher can really get to know each student in the classroom and help them be successful at Eastmont.

Below you will find a summary of our upcoming lessons and ideas for discussing them at home:

September 13: What Emotions Tell You


In this week’s lesson, your child will learn how to recognize the kind of information their emotions can give them in different situations and how that information can be useful.


Ask your child what type of emotions they felt today. Tell them the emotions you felt. What information did they get from those emotions? What did your emotions tell you?

September 20: Emotions and Your Brain


In this week’s lesson, your child will learn how different parts of their brains play a part in managing their strong emotions.


Ask your child to teach you about some of the different parts of the brain and how they manage emotions. Look up a picture or video of the brain and learn some more!

September 27: How Emotions Affect Your Decisions


In this week’s lesson, your child will analyze how strong emotions can influence their decision-making abilities, as well as how those decisions can affect their relationships.


Ask your child what sorts of things trigger strong emotions in them. Ask them how you can show support when those things happen.

Digital Citizenship

How much screen time is too much? Not all screen time is created equal. There’s a big difference between an hour spent playing video games and an hour spent learning vocabulary from a smartphone app or composing music online. That’s not to say that everything has to be stamped “educational” to provide an enriching experience. With any screen media you choose for your kids — movies, games, TV shows, and apps — you want to look for how it engages your child (Links to an external site.). And, although there’s nothing wrong with a little mindless entertainment, you can maximize your kid’s screen time if you consider the “four C’s”: Connection, Critical Thinking, Creativity, & Context. Visit Canyons School District’s “Digital Wellness (Links to an external site.)” page to learn more.


Every Tuesday
  • Cross Country Practice 3:00 - 3:45
See Ms. Miles or Mr. Stefanic for information

Every Thursday

  • Cross Country Practice 3:00 - 3:45

See Ms. Miles or Mr. Stefanic for information

Every Friday

  • Late Start - School begins at 9:30

Monday, September 13th

  • Superintendent Listening Tour 6:30 PM, Eastmont Auditorium

Tuesday, September 14th

  • Assembly Schedule - Patriot of the Month Assembly

Wednesday, September 15th

  • School Community Council Meeting 5:30, Room 305
  • Mid Term

Thursday, September 16th

  • Cross Country Quad Meet - 3:45 Draper Park Middle School

Tuesday, September 21st

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences 4-8 PM

Wednesday, September 22nd

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences 4 7:30 PM

Friday, September 24th

  • No School

September 27 - October 1st

  • Friendship Week