Going Green IT

By: Julia Billich

Why is going green important?

Going green is important because it will help save our Earth. At this time in age our Earth is almost falling apart, and we don't even know it. I believe that we can work together to save our planet, and not lose our home.

Going Green in School and at Home!

In my house, I can go green in many different ways. At home I can reuse my water bottles so that I am not wasting water. I can turn the lights off in rooms I am not in, and I can reduce the amount of electricity.

At school, I can use the front and back of paper. I can not waste paper, and I can recycle.

Global Warming

Global Warming is an increase in the earth's atmosphere and green house gases increase by the levels of carbon dioxide, and other pollutants. It has caused our Earth to change dramatically. The effect of Global Warming on human beings, is that it changed our lives. Global Warming is what effects our weather, and how our planet works.