Banded Flying Frog

Nick Heimendinger

Species Information

The Rhacophorus Fasciatus, otherwise known as the "Banded Flying Frog", is a species that is very un heard of. This is because they live high up in the trees and only come down for reproduction. The Banded Flying Frog is located in Southeast Asia and parts of Thailand. According to my sources, there are only 3,400 of these creatures left on planet earth.

Threats to this beautiful creature

The frogs are very vulnerable to pollution and other outside sources due to their permeable skin. This makes it hard for the creature to survive. Also, the frogs habitats are being wiped out by pollution and logging.
Vietnamese Blue Tree Frog (Gliding Frog) Jovi Chilling

Current Conservation Efforts

A Federal Listing Petition was done in 2008 by ESA Representatives

Also Shrinking Habitat Petition done by Wildlife Services


Without the banded flying tree frog, people will miss out on this fascinating creature. Its graceful leaps from tree to tree and extraordinary colors. Some people may never get to experience this creature and that is a shame. I hope some serious efforts are made to keep this species on planet earth!