Public Schools Begin to Ban Beauty and Females From School

On Monday, April 4th 2016, a student by the name of Bea Yuttiphul was suspened from Highland Lake High-school, for refusing to take off her MAC lipstick in the shade of ridiculously red. It was reported that her stunning glossy lips had distracted such innocent and intellectual young men from doing their work. We caught up with one of the victims of her disasterous lips and had a recorded interview with him.

REPORTER: So, is it true that Miss. Yuttiphul was wearing lipstick on the day of April 4th?

POOR INNOCENT DISTRACTED BOY: Well... Yes, I mean she was wearing lipstick but it wasn't--

REPORTER: And, did you run into the wall while passing Yuttiphul?

POOR INNOCENT DISTRACTED BOY: Uhh... Yes, in a way..? But that was only because my shoelaces were un---

REPORTER: And that's all the time we have left! Thank you for your time!

To prevent anymore disturbances the school has decided for only the girls to wear a uniform and have banned the wear of make up.

Along with the sexiness of shoulders and scandalous ripped holes in jeans that are revealing such smooth knee caps have been also the cause of this banishment. We wondered what the school thought of the distracting outburst of these girls and have reached out to them. They left us with this comment, "We believe the ladies at our school have such great potential but in order for them to graduate and progress in life they should hide some of there true beauty and save it, leave some to the imagination right..." Right, because the world has such a realistic expectation of women, boys can only imagine what potential these girls can fulfill, all girls should just wait until reality hits outside of school, but as for the classroom beauty will just have to wait.