By: Brandon rice and Griffin blalock

The first crusade

When: The first crusade began in 1095

What: First crusade

Who: Christians and muslims

Where: The holy land

Why: Pope Urban the second want the holy land from the muslims

Results: Christians captured jerusalem in 1099 they set up many latin christian states

The second crusade

what:Second crusade

who:by the popped abd defeated the muslims

where:the holy land

why: The fall of the County of Edessa the previous year marked the need for more military reinforcements so the Pope, along with many of the Christian rulers, deemed a crusade necessary.

Resutls: the christians won for the result.

The third crusade

what: the three crusade


why:the Moslem world found in the famous Saladin a leader for a holy war against the Christians.

when: 1189 and 1192

Result: The christians finally captured the holy land jerusalem.