Genetically Modified Organisms

Benefits of GMO's

Benefits For Animals

  • Improved animal health and diagnostic methods
  • Better yields of meat, eggs, and milk
  • Increased resistance to diseases or other viruses, productivity, hardiness, and feed efficiency

Benfits For Crops

  • Increase nutrients, yields, and stress tolerance
  • Improved resistance to disease, pests, and herbicides
  • New products and growing techniques
  • Enhanced taste and quality
  • Reduced maturation time

Benefits For Environment

  • Conservation of soil, water, and energy
  • Better natural waste management
  • Bioprocessing for forestry products
  • More efficient processing
  • "Friendly" bioherbicides and bioinsecticides

Benefits For Health

  • produced with less or no chemicals
  • genetically modified to have more nutrients and vitamins
  • resistant to diseases that are caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses