5th Grade News

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This week in reading we wrapped up our first bend of the unit and talked about all of the strategies we have used so far to overcome the challenges we should be facing in these complex texts! We looked at the way that the text structure changes within a section of our mentor text which is show in the photos below!


We continued our work on division using the traditional algorithm. We began each problem by rounding to get a close estimate. We ended the week by extending the division to four-digit dividends and two-digit divisors.

IXL Skills: D.9, D.10, D.11, and D.12


This week in writing we generated ideas for our historical unit. We began researching these topics and started a flash draft that we will go back to and revise.

Science and Social Studies

Science: This week in science we wrapped up the first chapter by creating a scientific explanation explaining why we cannot see stars in the daytime. The kids used all of their knowledge from research and the simulation to formulate a well written scientific explanation.

Social Studies: This week we dissected the grievances in The Declaration of Independence. We took the old English language and reformed it into a language that we could better understand.

A Peek into Next Week

Writing: Next week in writing we will work organizing our information in a better way and elaborating on important parts.

Reading: We will move onto our second bend which is based on researching a topic that interests us! We will need to carry with us everything we have learned about reading complex nonfiction texts.

Math: In math we will work on division through the lens of partial quotient.

Important Dates

Tuesday, November 6th - NO SCHOOL

Thursday, November 8th - Family Reading Night (Please return the RSVP's as soon as possible.)

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