The Queen of Kings

By: Sarah Adams

Of the many ruler of Egypt, by far, Cleopatra was one of the most famous. A sassy queen that started ruling at the age 18. Her family ruled for more than 100 years and she was part of the Macedonian dynasty. Cleopatra's life seemed hard, but it was worth it in the end.

Cleopatra VII Philopator, or should I say Cleopatra, was born in Egypt, in 69 BC. She had 5 siblings: 2 older sisters- Cleopatra VI & Berenice IV, and 3 younger siblings- Arsinoe IV (sister) & Ptolemy XIII & Ptolemy XIV (2 brothers). Researchers believe that Cleopatra VI died when she was little, and that Berenice IV was beheaded by her father, Ptolemy XII Auletes. When he died, Cleopatra & her brother, Ptolemy XIII, became queen and king.

Cleopatra and Ptolemy XIII likely had to marry eachother, as was customary at the time. But soon he forced her to leave. WHen she left she went to Syria with her little sister, Arsinoe. Back in Egypt, Ptolemy XIII was having trouble ruling. There was a famine going on, but soon Caesar wanted to meet with him. And Cleopatra didn't want to miss out.

When Caesar came, him and Cleopatra started hanging out together. And it wasn't to long before Ptolemy XIII noticed. And he was not happy about it. This time, Caesar made him leave. So he did. Caesar had big plans for Cleopatra. He planned to make her the sole ruler of Alexandria, Egypt. Eventually, Caesar & Cleopatra had a child together, a boy, named Caesarion. While all of this happened, Ptolemy XIII had built an army to get the throne back.

Finally, the day came when Ptolemy XIII was going to strike back. Caesar & Cleopatra didn't know he was coming, but they were ready. Ptolemy XIII's army lost. During it, Cleopatra's sister, Arsinoe, betrayed her, and went to her brother's side. And while her brother, Ptolemy XIII was fleeing, he drowned in the Nile River. Cleopatra was finally, the sole ruler of Egypt.

Soon, Caesar decided to go back to Rome, and there he was assassinated. Cleopatra still wanted to be nice to the Romans, so she decided to find someone new to use. That person was a Roman general named Mark Antony. He wanted Cleopatra's power too. He gave her lots of land, while she manipulated him. Mark already had 2 wives, and he was willing to have another. So, Cleopatra & Mark secretly got married. Soon they had 3 children: a set a twins & another child. Their names were: Cleopatra Selene & Alexander Helios (boy/girl twins), (& no one is sure of the 3rd one's name).

Mark Antony spent a lot of time in Alexandria, Egypt with Cleopatra. During this time, Rome kept trying to get Egypt. Mark Antony and his army would battle Rome a lot, and most of the time they were defeated. Mark couldn't take all the defeats, he committed suicide by falling on his sword. It is rumored that Cleopatra couldn't take it, and she too committed suicide, but by a snake bite. But no one is 100% sure. She died in Alexandria, Egypt on Augustus 12, 30 BC, she was 39 years old.

Fun Facts: 1. Cleopatra's love affairs with both, Mark Antony & Caesar, gave her the title: The Queen of Kings, 2. She called herself "the New Isis," 3. She was a monotheist, 4. Some of the things she loved were: 1) Ruling, 2) Hanging with Caesar, 3) Looking pretty, 5. She was the last pharaoh of Egypt.

To me, this shows that Cleopatra would do a lot of thing to help her country. And I think it was both a success and fail! She tried her hardest to keep Rome away, yet they still took over.

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