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November 2019

Parent Newsletter: November 2019

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New Student Research and e-Resources

How-to at the AnHS Library

Check out the new Google Site for students who need help searching the catalog, researching the databases or the Internet, or help accessing and using apps and the Government e-text. I have created tutorial videos and explanations for how to access and use our many resources! Also great for students who need a refresher.

Students can find the link on the Library website under the Student Help, Apps, and E-text Resources link.

Tech Tips and Tools

Check out the New Digital and Mobile Learning Guide

The November Guide, eSchool News K-12 Digital & Mobile Learning Guide, offers expert insight on the reasons digital and mobile learning support students’ academic achievement and build the skills they’ll carry with them into the global economy. The guide takes a look at the various factors present in successful digital and mobile learning initiatives. Plus, tips to incorporate more digital resources into your instruction are presented. Check out the Contents in the picture below.
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PhotoMath App

PhotoMath helps students interpret problems with comprehensive math content from arithmetic to calculus to drive learning and understanding of fundamental math concepts.

Ctrl + Scroll

The Control+Scroll is a way to change the text size on any web browser. To use this cool shortcut, simply hold down the control button on your keyboard & scroll up to increase text size, or down to decrease it. This works on any website! (Northwoods Computer Guy, 2017)

Google for Education Launches Pinterest Site

Helping educators prepare students for the future. The best of Google for Education. Follow for teacher tips, lesson plan inspiration, ed tech tools, G Suite Edu features, Google Classroom announcements and more.

Curated Tech Tools

Check out the Library Webpage or Symbaloo for a collection of favorite technology applications in the classroom. From presentations to organization, videos to comics, photos to avatars, the opportunities are limitless for your students and you.

Curriculum Corner

Native American Heritage Month

On August 3, 1990 President George H. W. Bush declared the month of November as National American Indian Heritage Month, thereafter commonly referred to as Native American Heritage Month. Educate your students on the rich culture and heritage of American Indian tribes. Visit the government’s website honoring this month and see this page for teaching resources and activities.

Our Veterans, Our Stories Resources from NIE

In honor of National Military Appreciation month and Veteran’s Day, Our Veterans, Our Stories includes materials about Veterans throughout our history and stories on topics like the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

All About Elections and Government Resources from NIE

This NIE exclusive curriculum is designed to engage students on the topics of government, politics, and elections. Featuring four lessons on the following topics: national and local government structures, political parties, bills & laws, campaigns & candidates, and voting. Also, of importance is to get teens to register to vote. Voter registration and pre-registration rules and ages are different in every state; be sure to share this resource, as well here is the 2020 Presidential Election Calendar.

Smithsonian World War 1 Digital Exhibition

World War I: Lessons and Legacies explores the history of the war and its lasting impact on American life.

Using Postcards for History Research

"Postcards are a fantastic visual resource for a place’s past that are often underutilized. They offer rich evidence of culture and architecture as a visual record of the past" (Nigro, 2015, para. 1).

According to Kent (2019), "picture postcards represent how someone has chosen to show and define a place and their experience with that place. They show us interpretations of history, as well as history’s record."

Try out these open access resources for some great postcard collections and get your students talking about the past. They can even craft a response on the back of one of the postcards or annotate them digitally and share with other students in a digital mailing activity.

Digital Public Library of America Postcards - comprehensive collection

Smithsonian Postcard Collection

East Asia

NYPL Digital Postcards

Newberry Postcards

Library Postcard Collection

Albuquerque Historical Postcards

Texas Postcard Collection (scroll down to section)

Sacramento Historical Postcards

Kentucky Historical Postcards

Pittsburgh Postcards

New London Postcards

New York City Historical Postcards

What's In a Word Literacy Resources from NIE

In What’s in a Word? students will learn word origins, meanings, spelling and other word play that is exciting and fun!

Word Games to Teach Implicit Bias

A simple fill-in-the-blank exercise can help students understand the power of words and the way they might convey unspoken beliefs.

Library Resources


Recommend these wonderful resources to students who need access to support information or utilize for students doing research on mental health topics. Students can download and access these resources from home and as many times as they need to. They can also share them with friends!


Do your students need a vetted source for a school project or paper? They can access, on campus or from home, a variety of quality and credible sources right on the AnHS Library Webpage. All logins are now available on one document.


Find current articles in English or Spanish by visiting the Sacramento Bee News in Education website. Log in as a student using the AnHS Class ID lewis and password 2843 found on our Library website under electronic resources. Once you log in as a student select "Read Today's Paper" to choose The Sacramento Bee or El Nuevo Herald. You can also access many other student resources on their website for use in your classroom.

Staff Book Recommendations

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Enrique's Journey by Sonia Nazario

The True Story of a Boy Determined to Reunite with His Mother

Recommended by Rija Gorkhali

Why Read? "Puts a face to the ongoing issues that a lot of us struggle to understand."

Watch the Book Trailer!

Listen to the Author Interview

Also available in Spanish:

La travesia de Enrique: La arriesgada odisea de un nino en busca de su madre