The Double Clue

By Agatha Christe

Big picture

Cigarette Box

This box was the thing that helped the investigators find the culprit. On the box there were initials B.P. one of the suspects was a young poor boy that was named Parker and had the same initials. A Russian woman was the culprit and she accidentally dropped the box and the initials on it were hers but in Russian.


There was a party with a lot of rich people and there was a safe at this party that held a lot of jewels. So a fancy place, in the 1900's. When reading it felt like the sun wasn't out and it was night time when the investigators were doing all of the investigating. The people were older and in suits.


"A remarkable woman. I have a feeling, my friend -- very decided feeling -- I shall meet her again." This shows that the investigators were very captivated by the Russian woman, they thought she was intriguing. So much so that they tried to lear Russian to speak with her on a more personal level. Since they tried to do this they found out the initials on the cigarette box were hers in Russian.