Wyatt J. Cooper| November 12 1998

A quote by Lao Tzu (founder of Taoism)

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.


  • There are 4 people in my family:

  1. Dad
  2. Mom
  3. Me
  4. Sister
  • I live in Lugoff within walking distance of Wateree Elementary
  • My uncle was very influential in my becoming a Taoist


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My Hobbies:

  • Computers and associated technology- i have been interested in computer engineering since i was about 10 years old when i first took apart a Window 95 desktop
  • Football- I play Center offensive lineman for LE's jv squad, i have been to almost all USC home games in the last 7 years
  • Music/Poetry- while I do not play an instrument I find excitable nuance in write song/poetry. I find my inspiration from several types of music but most Alt. Rock and 70's hard rock.

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Rush-Closer To The Heart (Lyrics)