definintion of a virus

Any of various extremely small, often disease-causing agents consisting of a particle the virion , containing a segment of RNA or DNA within a protein coat known as a capsid .

characteristics of a virus

Single type of nucleic acid - DNA or RNA

Protein coat, or capsid, some have envelopes

Multiply inside of living cells using the host cell machinery

Direct the synthesis of structures to transfer viral nucleic acid to other cells

definition of pandemic and epidemic

Pandemic- a pandemic is something spread in a large area

Epidemic- a epidemic is something spread in a small area

virus poem

It's there when you are,
you can't see it, but it can
see you, you can't touch it
but it can touch you, you
can't stop it but it can stop
you, you can't hear it, but it can
hear you, you can't smell it
but it can smell you.