The Way of a Writer

By: Megan Gallagher

Writer: Who they are and what they have to do

  • A writer is someone who creates their own written works and materials.
  • They need to have self-expression.
  • There is no clear set of rules put in place for writers to follow.
  • Writers must research facts to put in their written works.
  • Writer may also have to interview people for what they are writing.
  • Writers need to be able to problem solve whenever a problem is presented to them.


  1. To edit an existing piece of work by checking for grammar and punctuation errors. I can also check for any misspellings and make sure that all of the sentences flow well.
  2. To create new topics for a writing assignment by brainstorming different ideas and by researching different topics of interest.
  3. To interview an author and talk to them about the writing process by setting up a meeting with an author and coming prepared with multiple questions to ask them.
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Why Did I Choose Writing?

  • I loved creating stories when I was little
  • I loved using a typewriter
  • Stories I read when younger
  • Newspapers
  • Helps my voice be heard