About The Artist

Brennan McDermott

A little about him

Name: Brennan Dayne McDermott
Age: 14
Birthday: September 15th
College: South Winneshiek
Major: Art, and Math
Favorite Colors: Black, Red and Purple
Favorite Book: Gathering Blue
Favorite Genre of Song: Hard Rock, Rock, Opera, Classical, and metal
Favorite Food: Strawberries, Apple's
Favorite Quote: In order to proceed upward you must fall downward.

Favorite Movies:
. Phantom of the Opera
. Sweeny Todd; Demon Barber of Fleet St.
. The Odd Life of Timothy Green
. Stardust
. About A Boy
Brennan McDermott is a South Winneshiek Middle school student and he is in love with art. The drawings on this page as you can see are all hand drawn by Brennan. His greatest passion is for art. He would be nothing if he couldn’t draw.
As for the little puppy and girl on this page, That is his nine year old Shitzu, Jade. She will cuddle with just about anybody if you rub her ears. and the little girl is his baby sister Lillian. She is the most snot nosed brat out there but she is just a doll and she has Brennan wrapped around her finger. These two are very important to him and he couldn’t live with himself if a single hair were touched on there heads. Or in Jades case her butt as well.
Brennan is also a dreamer. He can’t stop fantasizing about the future or possible outcomes of events. There isn’t one day where he doesn’t have a smile on his face.