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We have such an exciting week ahead! Our fundraiser for the Marathon Dance will be held on Friday afternoon. The pledge sheets are due tomorrow with all of the money collected. All of the money raised will go directly to the recipients of the South High Marathon Dance that will be held on March 4th and 5th. I know I've shared the promo video with you before but if you haven't seen it, it will give you goosebumps. It is so amazing that our students at such a young age can make such an enormous impact.
SHMD 2016 Promo

Spirit Week

Spirit Week is in full swing! Here are the details:

Monday: The students look great in their red!!!
Tuesday: Dress Like a Teacher Day

Wednesday: Hat Day

Thursday: Cause Day
Friday: Red and Blue Day

Valentine's Day

Friday will be filled with lots of fun activities. Here's some more details about what our day will look like:

9:05-9:35 Morning Work
9:35-10:20 P.E.
10:20-10:35 Voting for Box Decorating Contest
10:35-11:35 Math
11:35-12:00 Poetry Share
12:00-12:30 Lunch
12:30-1:30 Exchange Valentines/Class Treats/Valentine's Day Minute-to-Win-It
1:30-2:45 Walk-a-thon
2:45-2:55 Pack Up

2:55-3:15 Read-Aloud

*Thank you to Ms. Bedian (Jonathan's mom) who organizes all of our parties! Thank you also to the parents who send in goodies for our parties. It is very much appreciated.

List of Names for Cards

Here's a class list in case you need it:


What We're Learning About This Week

Math News

We are continuing with fractions this week. The students are really starting to get the hang of it! Here's what each day will look like:

Monday: Module 5 Lesson 11
Explain fraction equivalence using a tape diagram and the number line, and relate that to the use of multiplication and division.

Tuesday: Module 5 Lesson 12
Reason using benchmarks to compare two fractions on the number line.

Wednesday: Module 5 Lesson 13
Reason using benchmarks to compare two fractions on the number line.

Thursday: Module 5 Lesson 14
Find common units or number of units to compare two fractions.

Friday: Module 5 Lesson 15
Find common units or number of units to compare two fractions.

Reading Workshop

Last week we were dazzled by some poetry by famous poets such as Langston Hughes and Pat Mora. This week, students will be reading any book of their choosing. While they are reading, I will be taking running records to find each student's current independent reading level. I have already finished up with three students and I am amazed at how far their reading has come!

Writing Workshop

Last week the fourth graders wrote some pretty spectacular poems. This week, we will wrap up our poetry writing unit and will work on writing solid, well-developed paragraphs. Keep your eyes peeled for the poetry coming home this week. You wouldn't want to miss it!


We are finishing up our unit on plants this week. This unit is jam-packed with tons of vocabulary. I highly suggest students make index cards to help them study. We will also dissect flowers this week to locate the different parts of a flower. Our chapter test will be on Wednesday.

Check out our red for Spirit Week!

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Our Hallway Decorations for Walk-a-thon

Classroom News by Jana Bonesteel

This week in our classroom we were doing lot’s of things. One of them is that we finished our colonial time presentations. Also we got visitors from Fort Ticonderoga. They taught us a lot of things. I think that the colonial times slides and the visitors from Fort Ticonderoga were both great fun!

This week we also started poetry in reader’s workshop. We read lot’s of poetry and it was great! We are also writing lot’s of poetry like our Someday writing.

So this week was great! Let’s do the same for next week. GO MISS.CARPENTERS CLASS!!!!!!!!!! :)