proooooooom ideas


We need ideas

Please, if you are a sophomore, junior, or senior we need your help for prom ideas. Our class is in a current civil cold war because we cannot decide on what to do for prom. Most of the kids want to do zombie prom, but our teacher wont that to happen and all of our other ideas suck. I personally am suggesting a fandom prom theme, where we will have different games and stuff from a variety of fandoms or fandom related. Please, if you have any sugestion please see either Ms. Bradford or Jilly Wisemen.

Prom discussion

Monday, Sep. 9th 2013 at 11am

ms. bradfords room or ms dailys room

If you want to help please come

Time during discussion

start- :10 lots of talking

:10- :12 teachers telling us to calm down

:12- :16 suggestions that will be rejected

:16- :18 half the class arguing to have zombie prom

:18- :20 other half saying no

:20- :27 arguing

:27- :30 voting

:30- :33 moaning and complaining because they lost

:33- :40 people calling a redu and for zombie prom

:40- :rest of the day more complaining for zombieprom

Lets plan prom