Summers' Scoop

January 19, 2016

Winter Math MAP Testing

Our class is scheduled to take Winter Math MAP Testing on Monday, January 25. We will begin testing at 7:45 a.m. Please plan to have your child arrive on time that day in order for them not to feel rushed.

Third Grade Field Trip - Friday, February 12th

We are going on a field trip to the SC State House and SC State Museum on Friday, February 12th. Your child brought home a blue flier with information about the trip last week in their Thursday folder. There is no cost for the trip, but all students must turn in a permission slip in order to go. Please turn in the permission slip as soon as possible.

Families can decide if they would like to order a bag lunch from the cafeteria or bring a bag lunch from home. We will be throwing away all lunch bags after lunch, so make sure to pack lunches in throw away bags. If your child would like a bag lunch from the cafeteria, please turn in the request form with their permission slip.

Five parent chaperons are able to ride on the bus and go to the SC State House with us. Other parents who are interested in joining us at the SC State Museum, could meet us there at 11:15 a.m. There is a cost of $5 for parents to enter the SC State Museum. Let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Third Grade PTO Meeting - Tuesday, February 23rd

Mark your calendars for the next Lake Murray PTO Meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday, February 23rd at 6:45 p.m. Third Grade Students will sing songs about South Carolina and share information about South Carolina. This is a fun performance which students have been practicing in music class each week.

Math Update

We are quickly moving through Chapter 7 in My Math. Most notable in this chapter so far is using the new strategy of "decomposing" or breaking apart multiplication factors. This process makes it easier to solve difficult multiplication problems.

An example is 18 x 7. Students would break 18 into 10 + 8, then multiply both numbers by the other factor of 7. So the problem would now be 10x7 = 70 and 8x7 = 56. Next, both products are added together 70 +56 = 126. This is just one of many strategies that students could use to solve more difficult multiplication problems.

We will be wrapping up this chapter with a test by the end of this week or early next week.

ELA Update

This week in ELA, we are continuing with our study of point of view. Students are doing an excellent job of finding evidence from the text to determine the author's point of view. They are also enjoying being able to share their own point of view on the topic.

We will also be using the skill of comparing and contrasting this week as we read two articles on the same topic.

In writing, we are learning how to write a constructed response answer. We are using our Social Studies and Science books a lot for this unit. Students will practice using transitions (first, next, then...), answering in complete sentences, and how to site the text or author.

Our class will continue our grammar study this week as we learn about adverbs, which are words that describe verbs (run quickly, sing softly). We will continue to talk about nouns, adjectives, and verbs as well.

There will not be a spelling unit of study this week since it is a short week.

Science Update

In Science, we have been busy learning what makes up matter. Last week, we learned how to measure liquid volume using beakers, cylinders, and measuring cups. This week, we will use a pan balance to measure the mass of solid matter. Next, we will move onto the three types of matter - solids, liquids, and gases. We will have a whole chapter test at the end of this chapter.

Social Studies Update

In Social Studies, we are moving onto the major battles which took place in South Carolina, the military heroes of the Revolutionary War from South Carolina, as well as the role women played in the war. There will be a lot of information for students to understand and remember. We will be taking notes on the important information on charts which students can later use to study for our test.

Last week, our class watched the movie Felicity which went right along with our study of the American Revolution. Students enjoyed following the story of one family who had different points of view on the war during this time period. Your child picked one character to focus on during the movie so they could determine his or her point of view. Some characters were Patriots and some were Loyalists. It was interesting that Felicity's parents let her decide what her point of view was on the war. (She chose to be a Patriot and we knew this because she refused to drink tea in a social setting as a boycott of the British.) Students were also able to decide which point of view they would take on this topic.

Upcoming Dates

Friday, January 22 - Second Quarter Report Cards Go Home

Thursday, February 4 - Early Release Day

Friday, February 12 - Third Grade Field Trip

Tuesday, February 23 at 6:45 - Third Grade PTO Meeting